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From: "Ben MacConnell" <ben at thedartcenter.org>

Lead Organizers wanted in FL, OH, and VA

Direct Action & Research Training (DART) organizations bring together
religious congregations in metropolitan areas to do justice. In contrast to
charities or direct service organizations, DART seeks improvements to
systems (e.g., school system, criminal justice system, etc.) that are broad
sweeping, long-term, and sustainable. Unlike advocacy organizations, DART
organizers train community leaders to determine the issues that the
organization will act on, and empowers its members to speak on their own
behalf. DART organizations are also unique in their ability to exercise
people-based power. DART regularly produces large and growing numbers of
organized people to public events where solutions are brought forward and
negotiated with appropriate officials. DART is now hiring Lead Organizers in
four cities: Richmond, Virginia, Sarasota and Ft Myers, Florida, and Toledo,


Lead Organizer candidates must have at least two years of professional
organizing experience in community, union, electoral, or advocacy
organizing. Also they must also present a sincere passion for justice and
community organizing. Our positions are limited to those who see this as a
professional vocation, not just a job. Candidates must have a strong work
ethic, be driven to produce sustained results, have proven capacity to build
relationships of trust, create and execute a plan, act professionally, feel
comfortable working with religious congregations, be accountable and willing
to hold others accountable, demonstrate disciplined thought and action, and
work in a team setting. Lead Organizers must also have a car. Finally, Lead
Organizers must be capable of making a minimum commitment of three years to
RISC. People of color are encouraged to apply. A master's degree or similar
life experience is also preferred.


The role of the Lead Organizer is to increase the ability of the
organization to address issues of justice in the metro area for which it
serves. The work includes:

1) Deepen Engagement among existing member congregations:

.   Recruit and train increasing numbers of individual leaders in each
member congregation

.   Form and grow formal teams and networks of leaders in each member

2) Recruit at least 2 new congregations into membership annually

3) Funding:

.   Organize a major annual 6- 8 week annual fundraising drive where leaders
approach individuals, small businesses, and major corporations in the
community for financial support to increase annually. Coordination includes:
scheduling and coordinating 30 - 50 appointments with CEOs from major
corporations, training and monitoring leaders involved in raising money,
planning kickoff and celebration events, etc

.   Ensure timely dues collection among member congregations

.   Write grant requests and reports and build relationships with funders

4) Research, Action, & Issues:

.   Organize turnout for major events; primary focus each year will be
placed on an annual public meeting where more than 1,000+ people are brought
together to challenge public officials or community leaders around one or
more issues

.   Recognize community problems and viable/winnable solutions that will
lead to larger organization-wide engagement and justice in Richmond

.   Ensure adequate press coverage related to key organizational events

5) Planning and Administration:

.   Develop and execute annual and long range organizational plans

.   Keep good financial records using Quick books or another similar program

.   Conduct thorough annual assessments of the organization's goals and
accomplishments involving key leaders and DART consultants

.   Ensure payroll, required government reports, and bill payment are done
in a timely fashion

6) Staffing

.   Supervise occasional intern associate organizers

.   Work toward an organization strong enough to hire a full time associate

7) Coordinate decision-making bodies and ad-hoc committees: Board of
Directors, Executive Board, Issue committees, etc.

How to Apply

Send your resume to the attention of Ben MacConnell, Recruitment Director
via email:  <mailto:ben at thedartcenter.org> ben at thedartcenter.org. You may
direct questions to this email address as well.


Richmond, Virginia, Sarasota and Ft Myers, Florida, and Toledo, Ohio

Salary & Benefits

Starting salary begins at 36,000 - 41,000 (DOE) with annual cost of living
and performance-based raises. Benefits include: Paid vacation and holidays,
Healthcare, Annual retirement contributions (7-15% of base salary), Parental
leave, and Reimbursements for work-related travel.

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