[COMM-ORG] query: state and local campaigns on bank settlements

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Thu Aug 23 09:00:42 CDT 2012

[ed:  apologies to Doug on the delay in getting this out.  Please feel 
welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with responses.]

From:  Dough Hess <douglasrhess at gmail.com>

I am interested in hearing from any state and local organizations that have
ongoing or recent campaigns regarding settlements or other wins with banks
over illegal or unfair practices. I'm aware of the multi-billion dollar
settlement early this year with five major banks and state Attorneys
General. So, I'm looking for any successful attempts by local groups to be
involved in how that played out or other major efforts to get banks to
correct past wrongs. Both successful or unsuccesful campaigns interest me.
This is for some background research for a national nonprofit.

Perhaps best would be any recent write ups about these efforts.

Feel free to email me off list if you wish, but email me at
douglasrhess at gmail.com instead of my comm-org subscription adddress.

Thank you.


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