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FUREEous Notes

2012: Launching Our Second Decade of Building FUREEous Power in Brooklyn!



This e-newsletter is brought to you by FUREE (Families United for Racial &
Economic Equality).  Check out the latest updates, actions, and ways to get


NYCHA <> 's Billion Dollar Scandal: Move the Money! 1

Aug. 25  <> & 26: Get FUREEous at the Afro-Punk Festival! 1

Standing Room Only:  <> My Brooklyn Screening Success. 2

Disappearing the Poor from Downtown? <> . 2

Save the Date: FUREE <> 's Convention on Sept. 29! 2

NYCHA's Billion Dollar Scandal: Move the Money!

If you haven't heard about it by now, the New York City Housing Authority
(NYCHA) has been under fire to "sitting on" $1B in unused federal funds
while residents are forced to live in disrepair.  This scandal raises
serious questions about what exactly is going on with NYCHA's money and


On August 8th, FUREE members joined Mothers on the Move, Good Old Lower East
Side and Community Voices Heard for a press conference led by public housing
residents to demand NYCHA "move the money
<http://furee.org/news/alerts/move-money-press-conference-march> ", hire
residents to make back-logged repairs, establish independent oversight and
increase resident control.


After the press conference in front of NYCHA's HQ we marched to the offices
of Housing & Urban Development and secured a meeting with HUD officials on
the spot!  Check out media coverage on the NYDaily News
using-authority-a-better-job-residents-article-1.1132314>  and a radio
report on WBAI
Accountability>  to check out what our members have to say.  Click here for
photos from the lively action
<http://www.flickr.com/photos/furee/sets/72157630988523538/detail/> .


The latest news is that NYCHA is reorganizing its board but with fears of
privatization looming for all public services, including public housing, we
can't risk losing the city's largest affordable housing stock! NO WAY!


To protect public housing, win more resident control and ensure NYCHA
becomes a sustainable community for all its residents, join us at our next
Public Housing Organizing meeting on Tues., Sept. 18th at the FUREE office.
To sign up, contact Val at valery at furee.org or call (718) 852-2960 x. 301.


Aug. 25 & 26: Get FUREEous at the Afro-Punk Festival!

This summer, our youth canvassers hit the streets of Brooklyn to register
1,000 new voters. This coming weekend, FUREE is bringing the power of voting
to the 8 <http://afropunkfest.com/> th Annual Afro-punk Festival at
Commodore Barry Park.thousands of music fans, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae and
FUREE! Your weekend couldn't possibly get any better!


We are looking for volunteers to register new voters, get folks to vote and
build political power for our communities on Saturday and Sunday. Stipends
may be available for active members-first come, first served. If you are
interested, please contact Dez at dez at furee.org or call 718-852-2960 x. 307
no later than Thursday, Aug. 23 at noon.


Standing Room Only: My Brooklyn Screening Success

FUREE co-hosted two standing-room only screenings of the award-winning
documentary My Brooklyn last month.  In total, over 400 of you came out for
this remarkable film and the engaging community dialogue about
gentrification and development issues in our borough.


Click here for photos
<http://www.flickr.com/photos/furee/sets/72157630875252662/detail/>  from
the events featuring Council Member Letitia James, filmmaker Kelly Anderson,
FUREE leaders and allied advocates.


A special note of gratitude goes out to the Fifth Avenue Committee and
FilmWax for partnering with us.  Be sure to check out the rest of FilmWax's
Brooklyn Reconstructed
<http://festology.com/filmwax/filmwax/info/brookynreconstructed>  monthly
documentary series!


Want to help FUREE organize another neighborhood screening of My Brooklyn?
Contact Lucas at lucas at furee.org or 718-852-2960 x306 to help out!


Disappearing the Poor from Downtown?

With the pending destruction of the only affordable, rent-stabilized
apartments in the Fulton Mall area, and new mega-developments like City
Point pretending people earning under 50K don
hborhood/> 't exist, you have to wonder. Are the poor and working-class
being erased from Downtown Brooklyn?


Check out
.html> "Downtown Evictees: The City Is Booting us from Brooklyn"  to read
more about the immigrant families at 402, 404, and 406 Albee Square West who
have long suffered through deplorable living conditions, including not
having gas for over 4 months!


FUREE is still waiting on Housing Preservation and Development to finally
meet with us, the remaining Albee Square tenants and their lawyers.  We must
ensure their rights are respected and that HPD work with us to find tenants
affordable housing in the area.  It's a travesty that despite billions of
dollars pumped into Downtown Brooklyn in recent years, there is not a
single, new unit of housing these families could afford.


More broadly, FUREE members are promoting balanced development throughout
the area by ensuring that the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
oklyns-expansion-271131.html> 's recently unveiled "Strategic Plan"
addresses the needs of low-income families.  You wouldn't know from the
DBP's presentation that alongside the new luxury towers and chain stores, we
have the poorest Census tract in all of Brooklyn.


To get involved in these efforts through our Accountable Development
Campaign, contact Lucas at 718-852-2960 x306 / lucas at furee.org.  Our next
campaign meeting is on Sept. 11th at 6pm here at FUREE.


Save the Date: FUREE's Convention on Sept. 29!

It's time to whip out your paper calendars or your smart phone scheduler!


FUREE's 10th Annual Convention is set for Saturday, September 29th from
12-4pm at St. Joseph's High School in Downtown Brooklyn (80 Willoughby St).
This year's MLK Jr.-inspired
"Chaos or Community?" theme is a call to unite our struggle against rising
inequality and the need for jobs, housing and justice for all.


We'll be sending out updates over the coming weeks, but expect a fierce
line-up of speakers, performers, group activities, lunch on the house, and a
powerful, powerful action!


Providing lunch for hundreds of members, printing materials and renting
space for the Convention really does add up.  Support FUREE and our
Convention by setting up a tax-deductible monthly subscription - or donate
$50, $25 of whatever you can on our on-line donation page
<http://furee.org/donate> .


To help us shape the Convention, to be an endorser or support our outreach
to FUREE members, allies and neighborhood residents, contact Dez at
dez at furee.org.



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Valery J. Jean

Executive Director

Families United for Racial & Economic Equality (FUREE)

81 Willoughby Street, Suite 701|Brooklyn, NY  11201

P: (718) 852-2960, ext. 301|F: (866) 468-8904|  <http://furee.org/>


rt=1&partner=networkforgood&ein=20-0092728> DONATE now and support our
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