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From: Richard Layman <rlaymandc at yahoo.com>

Two things of possible interest, but not directly relevant to your query.

1.  This piece from Governing Magazine.

Note that I have been meaning to write about it, using the Pike Place 
Market's "thank you" campaign in response to their finishing their 
rehabilitation program as funded through a successful millage.

Seattle voters just passed new millages for libraries and for a youth 
rehabilitation center.

2.  While the electeds aren't happy about it, there have been some tax 
credit funded housing projects in Mesa and Tempe Arizona that I think 
are interesting.  The electeds complain that they want market rate 
housing, I think it's interesting that these "public housing" projects, 
funded by tax credits and built privately, are amenity rich and help 
build demographic diversity as a function of otherwise weak real estate 


I think mostly, local governments are shell shocked over loss in tax 
revenues, etc.  The county where I worked briefly merged its planning 
and community development divisions and the planning function was 

The challenge is to energize local communities to take advantage of the 
opportunities in adversity, by rearticulating the mission, and building 
housing and other projects in places that will be desirable once again.

I have an old blog entry from when Obama was elected, that makes the 
point that "chance favors the prepared city."

This is similar moment, especially in weak real estate markets.

Richard Layman

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> From: James DeFilippis <jdefilip at rutgers.edu>
> Dear Comm-Org folks:
> I am interested in finding some good write-ups of governments (local, 
> state and/or federal) in the field of community development.  What 
> roles are governments playing now?  How are those changing?  How has 
> the Obama administration changed the federal role (if at all). How has 
> the fiscal crisis afflicting so many state and local governments 
> played out in community development (yes, there's less money -- but is 
> there more to the story than just that?).  So any reports or articles 
> or thoughts that people have would certainly be helpful.
> thanks, James

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