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Dear Colleagues,

With the support of SAGE Publications, a group of activist scholars have
been working this past year to create a new initiative called the Urban
Research-Based Action Network (URBAN), a diverse network of agents of
community-based participatory research. The primary purpose of the network
is twofold: (1) to contribute to the advancement of this work within
academia, and (2) to foster mutually beneficial interdisciplinary and
collaborative research projects among scholars and community partners.
Through URBAN, we intend to build a national infrastructure to advance this
kind of engaged scholarship, as well as local nodes (and eventually to
connect to international networks as well). So far, the network has nodes
in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and NYC, and we are hoping to
expand it to other areas.

For political scientists, URBAN offers a chance to connect to each other as
well as across disciplinary and policy boundaries to activist scholars
working in community organizing and development, education, public health,
urban and environmental planning, housing and economic development, and
other areas. The American Political Science Association conference presents
the opportunity to explore the potential for URBAN to serve political
scientists and facilitate collaboration with those in related fields.
Towards that end, we will be holding a meeting at the APSA conference on
Thursday, August 30, from 6:15-7:45pm in Sheraton Salon 820. Here,
discussion will focus on the needs of political scientists engaged in
community-based research, in what capacity people would like to be involved
with URBAN, what forums of exchange it might make sense to establish (an
online space, a journal, convenings, etc.), and other topics.

Although it is not necessary to RSVP, we would appreciate it if you would
let us know whether you plan to attend or want to join the email list for
future announcements. Please do so by emailing Patricia Molina Costa at
urban-info at mit.edu<mailto:urban-info at mit.edu>.

You can find a copy of the concept paper laying out the main ideas behind
URBAN at: http://web.mit.edu/colab/pdf/work/URBAN_concept_paper_2-0.pdf

We look forward to seeing you at APSA.

Best regards,
on behalf of the URBAN organizing committee:

Ange-Marie Hancock, Associate Professor of Political Science and Gender
Studies, UCS
J. Phillip Thompson, Associate Professor of Urban Politics, MIT
Patricia Molina Costa, URBAN Coordinator, MIT Community Innovators Lab

Kari Milchman
Master in City Planning Candidate, 2013
City Design & Development Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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