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From:     Rashad Barber <rashadcbarber at gmail.com>

In the last year there has been resurgence in the struggle for a better 
world and a move toward
meaningful democracy.  Across the globe, from Madison to the Middle 
East, democracy was
breaking free of shackles, people were beginning to agitate and assert 
themselves to strengthen
their democracies, or to fight for them where they had none before. The 
historic moment remains
to be seized, as the struggle for democracy must be extended to the 
economy.  We need to take
control of the economy to make it work for the interests of all.  In 
early October, just three weeks
before the national elections, there shall be a convergence of people to 
continue this effort and to
focus on making practical a new vision for democracy, one extended 
beyond the political to
encompass the economy, coming together in a conference: “Economic 
Democracy: In Vision
and Action”.

Nearly forty people are involved in coming together to form an Economic 
Collaborative to organize the four day event October 11-14th in Madison, 
WI. Our desire is for
there to be a plurality of perspectives presented, with many 
organizations sharing their work and
focus, and where no one organization singly controls the message. 
  Rather strategy and processes
move forward in the principle of collective consensus. The conference 
shall consist of a broadranged discussion of issues from a variety of 
perspectives of organizations and people working toward the ideals and 
ideas of Economic Democracy.  Moving from broad visions we will develop 
practical actions and strategies.

Our idea has been to locally and nationally connect many of the 
grassroots organizations to
activist-minded academics, people from the Occupy movement, social and 
economic justice
movements, environmental and sustainability movements, labor rights and 
other struggles, even
grassroots political activists, cooperatives, and other people's 
movements representing
communities who often have no voice heard in the mainstream. We want to 
connect these groups
with each other, support their work, shed light on and popularize the 
values and goals of their
work as necessary ingredients to changing the world of corporate 
capitalism to an economics of
the people.

Please join us in supporting and networking with each other in the 
desire to share experiences to
begin a dialogue on what we want our economy to be, who we want it to 
serve, and HOW to get
there. More information is available at economicdemocracyconference.org/ 

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