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Boston Workers' Alliance E.D. Hiring Search
From: Peter Miller <peterm at igc.org>

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

...I'm in the process of transitioning out of my role as E.D. of BWA 
this year. I'm emailing you to ask for your help in circulating the job 
posting. We're focusing on Boston, but are trying to cast as wide a net 
as possible. You're receiving this email because I think you have 
relevant networks beyond my own, and I value your opinion/politics etc. 
and would appreciate any help during our search! For a few of you, I'm 
hoping you'd applying yourself.

The [announcement and link to a full] description is pasted below, and 
thanks in advance for sharing this with your circles or any relevant 
lists. Please contact me with any thoughts, questions or suggestions 
around this process. Any help is very appreciated!


Aaron Tanaka
Boston Workers' Alliance
411 Blue Hill Ave.
Dorchester, MA 02121

p. 617.606.3580
c. 617.359.0336
f. 617. 606.3582
atanaka at bostonworkersalliance.org

Boston Workers Alliance: Executive Director Hiring Search

We are conducting the search to find the next Executive Director of The 
Boston Workers Alliance, and invite you to help us spread the word about 
this opportunity as widely as possible.

Established in 2005 and currently in growth mode, The Boston Workers 
Alliance (BWA) is a grassroots member-led organization of under- and 
unemployed workers, united to end the crisis of joblessness in Boston’s 
urban communities of color. Through cooperation, political awareness, 
organizing and the development of its members as social change agents, 
BWA fervently challenges the political and economic structures that 
oppose full civic participation and the potential to live well. BWA has 
established itself as a dynamic member-driven initiative against racism, 
CORI system (Criminal Order Record Information) discrimination and the 
crisis of joblessness in Boston's communities of color. BWA drives 
economic development projects and grassroots campaigns to win job 
opportunities for urban workers with barriers to employment.

After seven successful years as Executive Director and Founder of the 
Boston Workers Alliance, Aaron Tanaka will officially step down after a 
successor is selected. This is an exciting opportunity for a 
progressive, experienced leader with a heart for social and economic 
justice, organizing and community empowerment to build on the foundation 
that Aaron has laid and to affect individual and system change.

Would you please take a few minutes to circulate information on this 
position to those throughout your networks who should be made aware of 
this opportunity? For the complete position profile and application 
guidelines, please visit http://www.tsne.org/jobs/bwa

Thank you so much for your assistance in getting the word out. If you 
know of someone whom I should contact directly, please don’t hesitate to 
let me know. Your involvement in outreach can have a big impact in this 
organization’s future!


Mimi Brunelle, Recruitment Specialist
Executive Transitions Program
Third Sector New England


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