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Dear Colleagues,

I am organizing a session on “Community” for the 2012 Mid-South 
Sociological Association Annual Meeting in Mobile, Alabama November 7-10 
(conference description below). Many of those who attend the MSSA 
meetings engage in community-based applied research. My own work as a 
community-based researcher and Director of the Applied Research and 
Education Center at IU Southeast has me exploring the idea of community 
and the role of academics in communities. With this in mind, I am 
organizing a session that welcomes papers on community as a theoretical 
and empirical topic of its own, applied research and its role in 
building community and broader discussions of the changing landscape of 
rural and urban community development in the 21st century.

This year’s Plenary will feature Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, whose work on 
race and ethnicity is essential to community-based research in diverse 
and changing communities. The Mid-South meetings are home to scholars 
from a wide range of southern colleges and universities as well as 
academics far and wide who began their studies in the south or under the 
tutelage of MSSA members. The MSSA Annual Meeting is an excellent 
opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to gain experience 
with professional conferences. The MSSA has paper competitions at both 
the graduate and undergraduate levels, includes students throughout the 
program and includes social events to promote relationship building 
among Sociology students. Mobile, Alabama will provide a great location 
for a weekend of rich discussion and network building. Please join us!

Papers on “Community” may be submitted directly to me at frym at ius.edu.



Melissa S. Fry, Ph.D.

Director, Applied Research and Education Center (AREC)

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Phone: 812.941.2105

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Mid-South Sociological Association

2012 Annual Conference

Paper Submission Deadline September 10, 2012

“As the known facts now stand, it is apparent that sociology was first 
accepted by the smaller institutions of the South and by the Negro colleges”

L. L. Bernard (1948)

Although the influence of institutions including Yale, Columbia, Kansas 
and Chicago is often cited as central to the establishment of the 
discipline in the Unites States, historical documents indicate that 
Southern institutions and historically Black institutions are the places 
where the discipline was first embraced in America. It is plausible that 
the South’s interest in offering scientific study of the “Negro problem” 
and in studying the transition from rural to urban life contributed to 
its earlier institutionalization than its geographic counterparts. The 
result of the South’s embrace was the establishment of influential 
programs of sociological study like those led by W. E. B. Du Bois at 
Atlanta University, Howard W. Odum at the University of North Carolina 
and Charles S. Johnson at Fisk University. The influence of scholarship 
conducted by southerners and/or grounded in the experiences of American 
southerners continues today through the works of countless scholars. It 
is within this tradition of southern sociology that we welcome persons 
to organize paper sessions and/or volunteer to serve as 
discussants/presiders for the 2012 Mid-South Sociological Association 

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