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Dane County United (DCU), a broad based organizing effort in Dane
County, Wisconsin is seeking a Lead Organizer. Dane County United is
affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) network of 63
citizen participation organizations in the U.S., Canada, England and
Germany. Dane County is home to the City of Madison, the State Capitol
and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Over its history DCU has had significant successes protecting and
increasing childcare subsidies for low income families, working with
childcare providers to ensure that Madison’s four year old kindergarten
program was created and implemented collaboratively with childcare
providers, and working with the school district to develop teacher
training for closing the achievement gap. The organization has developed
a track record of being able to regularly turn out 300-400 people to
public actions. Over the past three years, DCU has operated with a
highly active Steering Team and without an organizer. The past year and
a half have been focused on raising the funds to support a lead organizer.

Dane County United’s current situation provides an exciting opportunity
for an ambitious organizer. The polarization in state politics including
the recent and upcoming recalls leave a significant opening for an
organization that can build local citizen power across some of the lines
that have divided people. With a strong sister organization in Mliwaukee
and an organizing effort underway in southwestern Wisconsin, there is
the potential over the coming years to build a citizen voice that covers
a significant swath of southern Wisconsin.

Dane County United is looking for an organizer who

• has significant organizing experience or experience building something
in a way that demonstrates organizing skills

• can grow DCU from 13 member organizations primarily in the city of
Madison to a diverse, county-wide organization of 30-40 member organizations

• can develop DCU as an experiential learning lab for citizens building
the skills to “do democracy” over the long term and for the common good,
while being pragmatic enough to build a citizen power organization that
gets real, on-the-ground results in a reasonable timeframe

• is deeply drawn to the work of building relationships, common ground
and leadership with people from very different ideological, theological,
racial, and geographic backgrounds (please no ideologues or issue-only

• has the energy and stamina to initiate, conduct and follow up on 20-25
quality relational meetings per week

• has excellent written and oral communication skills and relational

• can connect with leaders in both religious and secular organizations


Salary: $45,000 plus, commensurate with experience

Health insurance and retirement benefits

To apply: Submit a completed application form to
dennis.collier at hotmail.com or Dane County United, 814 Atlas Avenue,
Madison, WI 53714. First consideration will be given to applications
received by November 15, 2011. Resume and cover letter accepted with our
application, BUT NOT in place of it. To request an application form or
to ask questions about the position, please contact Dennis Collier at
608-516-1656 or dennis.collier at hotmail.com.

Dane County United is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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