[COMM-ORG] COMM-ORG will be temporarily off-line in a week or two

Discussion list for COMM-ORG colist at comm-org.wisc.edu
Thu Jul 28 20:14:33 CDT 2011


I am upgrading to a new server, and to new software, which is a major
undertaking that requires me to learn a bunch of new stuff and move a
lot of content by hand.  Once I have everything moved over, I have to
make the new server live and then fix the things that don't work.  So it
is possible that, in a week or two, COMM-ORG may be unavailable.  If you
are using any of the papers or syllabi, you should download them now in
case they are unavailable for a few days.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience.

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
rstoecker at wisc.edu

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