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Dear Friend,

This week, you made more than 2,200 calls demanding that Congress
preserve Medicaid.

On Tuesday Senators Al Franken, Sheldon Whitehouse and Claire McCaskill
joined more than 300 leaders like you for the Medicaid Matters Across
Generations forum held on Capitol Hill.

One of those leaders, Marlene Kahn, from Communities Creating
Opportunity in Kansas City, Missouri traveled to Washington D.C. with a
heavy heart, determined to tell Congress what Medicaid meant for her

On the way to the event, Marlene received an emergency phone call. Her
husband Stewart, who suffered from Parkinson's disease, had taken a turn
for the worse. His kidneys were failing and he was dying.

Marlene had a choice to make. Return home or testify. She decided to
tell her story. She wanted people to know that she and Stewart just
celebrated their 57 th wedding anniversary. She wanted them to know that
he was a hard working small business owner, a big fan of the Nebraska
Cornhuskers, and a loving father and husband.

She wanted people to know that over the last two years as Parkinson's
disease robbed Stewart of the ability to walk, dress himself or
communicate with his family; Medicaid was their saving grace .

Medicaid allowed her to care for Stewart without placing a catastrophic
financial burden on the family. He was able to receive care that the
family simply could not afford.

Stewart passed away while Marlene was in Washington, D.C. She sacrificed
her final moments with him to send a message that Medicaid matters. She
hopes Congress is listening.

You can help Marlene spread the message. Call your Senators NOW and tell
them 'Do not cut Medicaid to give tax breaks to millionaires,
billionaires and big corporations' - 1 (877) 264-4226.


Kamara O'Connor

PICO National Staff

Bring Health Reform Home

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