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Fri Jul 15 11:30:19 CDT 2011

 From: Wade Rathke <chieforganizer at acorninternational.org>

ACORN International is a global federation working in eleven countries
with a membership of low-and-moderate income families of over 60,000
families.   Currently, as part of the Remittance Justice Campaign
(www.remittancejustice.org) we have released a third report:  "Voting
with their Money in a Rigged Election."

The report argues that the "hawala" system of informal transfers from
immigrant families and migrant workers works efficiently and
inexpensively, and might be a model for a better, less predatory
remittance system, if governmental banking systems, like the National
Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve System stepped up and did
their job of regulating costs and procedures around remittances, rather
than simply allowing banks and money transfer organizations to pocket
more than $44 billion USD that should be used by families and
communities in developing nations.

The full report, as well as the two earlier reports, "Past Time for
Remittance Reform" and "Looking the Other Way:  The Absence of
Remittance Regulation," are all available on our website: 

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