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Mon Jul 11 08:49:47 CDT 2011

 [ed:  congratulations to Ben on the new volumes.]

From: "Ben Shepard" <benshepard at mindspring.com>

Hello friends and supporters,

I am writing to let everyone know that books two and three of my study on
play, creativity and social movements have just come out.  For those who
helped provide interviews or stories or photos, thank again for all your
help throughout the years.  If I have not been in touch for a while, please
forgive the blast email.   I have a reading at 7 PM on August 4 at
Bluestockings which I hope you will consider attending. (172 Allen Street,
http://bluestockings.com/). If you are interested in a review copy, please
let me know.

These works consider much of the public space activism and ethnography I
have been involved with in New York over the last dozen years.  The Beach
Beneath the Streets, co-written with Greg Smithsimon, considers the
interlocking variables of expression and repression in public space, with
chapters on various types of space, including queer piers, community
gardens, bonus plazas, bike lanes, street parties, and, of course, policed

The Beach Beneath the Streets: Contesting New York's Public Spaces
Benjamin Shepard and Greg Smithsimon.
(State University Press of New York Press.)

Part two of the series, Play, Creativity and Social Movements, is an
ethnographic study of social movements born of creative activism from Lower
East Side Collective to Reclaim the Streets, The Clandestine Rebel Clown
Army and The Absurd Response to an Absurd War.  It considers intersections
between the Dada, Situationism, community gardening, DIY culture, and the
ascent of the global justice movement from the vantage point of the streets
of New York.  It highlights a world in flux from the teargas in Seattle
through the altered access to public space seen after 9/11 and the anti war

Play, Creativity, and Social Movements: If I Can't Dance Its Not My
2011,  Routledge. http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415963244/

The softcover of part one of the series, Queer Political Performance and
Protest: Play, Pleasure, and Social Movement,  was just published.  To
Purchase the softcover book through Routledge (discount code ER166), go to:

For more on the  new books, see:


If any of you would like to review a copy of the book or could order a
library copy of the book, just let me know.  The information on ordering
library copies is listed in the Routledge and SUNY websites listed.

Again, for those in New York City, we will have a release party for the
books after a reading at Bluestockings (172 Allen Street) on August 4th
(http://bluestockings.com).  If you can't make that, there will be other
readings in September.

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