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 From: Peter Davis <Pete at CommonPlaceUSA.com>

My name is Pete Davis, one of the directors of CommonPlace, a web and
community organizing start-up that builds web platforms for civic
engagement. We are looking for enthusiastic community organizers to
organize towns onto CommonPlace networks this fall and think that our
CommonPlace Community Organizing Fellowship (more information below)
would be a great opportunity for civic-minded people on this list. Could
you pass this information along to anyone you know who might be interested.


Pete Davis
Director, CommonPlace USA


Community Organizing Fellowship -- Work With a Civic Entrepreneurship
Start- up based at Harvard University

CommonPlace is a community organizing and digital media start-up based
out of Harvard University and Washington D.C.
CommonPlace builds web platforms that help neighbors and community
leaders connect with the people who live in their town. Our mission is
to rethink 21st century civic technology, and to help revitalize local
community in America.

We are offering a paid “Community Organizing Fellowship” to motivated
community organizers interested in LEADING a CommonPlace organizing
campaign in one American town this fall.

Community Organizing Fellows will work daily with a team of fellow
organizers, web developers and civic leaders, helping to set up the
CommonPlace platform in one U.S. city. Their efforts will be actively
supported by the mayor and widely covered by local news and other major
institutions in the community.

The organizing campaign lasts nine weeks, and will begin on October 1st.
If you like to learn more, please send a statement of interest to:
Organizing at CommonPlaceUSA.com

Be sure to include:

* Full Name
* College & Year of Graduation
* Why you would make an excellent Community Organizing Fellow


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