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 From: John Atlas <jatlas4 at comcast.net>

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I wanted to let you know about my interviews this week as part of my
national book
tour for "SEEDS OF CHANGE.The Story of Acorn, America's Most
Controversial Anti-Poverty
Community Group."

* Today, Tuesday, July 5, at 3:30 ET, I will be on the Randi Rhodes
Show.  Listen
anytime at www.randirhodes.com.
Her show is heard on radio stations around the country.

* On Thursday, July 7 at 10: 20 am ET, I'll be on the Nicole Sandler
Show. Listen
at that time or via podcast any time at  www.radioornot.com. 
Sandler and Rhodes, long time popular talk radio personalities, were
formerly featured
on Air America.

People remain curious about the rise and fall of Acorn. What's its
legacy, what
did the group accomplish, and what caused its demise? This  year I  have
at dozens of colleges, bookstores, and conferences,  and I've  been
on 61 radio and TV stations.  Recently I had  a  great discussion with 
 Sinclair, from  the Center for  Community Change on Kathy Partridge's
Colorado base radio show, Connections
Our discussion  provides a window into    the current state of our
democracy,  how
we confront the persistence of   poverty, and the accuracy of our 
mainstream media.
especially when it comes to reporting about urban  affairs.

New Books attack ACORN.

While Seeds of Changeilluminates an important tale about how community
can enhance democracy, advance progressive politics, and reduce poverty,
inspired paranoid fantasies by America's right wing, which claim,
without any real
evidence, that the group was subversive, criminal, and socialist.

Two recent flights of imagination come from Stanley Kurtz's
Radical-in-Chief: Barack
Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism and Mathew Vadum's
How Obama's ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off
Tax-payers. Vadum's
publisher claims to have sent the book to every member of the US Congress.

A  who's who of right-wingers, including perhaps our next president,
Michele Bachmann have endorsed the book!! Other endorsers are G. Gordon
Liddy, David
Horowitz, Congressman Steve King and Richard Viguerie. The latter claims
the book
"... tells how much of America's Ruling Class (Barack Obama, George
Soros, the Catholic
church, Hollywood, the media, unions, etc., etc.) collaborated to bring
to America."

Seeds of Change is available at book stores and Amazon

I am in the midst of a national book tour. If you are interested in
inviting me
to a conference, a book signing event, a house party or any other event
please contact
me at jatlas4 at comcast.net

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