[COMM-ORG] COMM-ORG will be temporarily off-line

Discussion list for COMM-ORG colist at comm-org.wisc.edu
Sat Aug 6 10:12:44 CDT 2011

Hi COMM-ORG.  By the middle of next week (August 10) I will be
temporarily shutting down the mail server.  That means the colist list
and announce list will be off-line.  E-mails to the lists will bounce. 
My hope is that the lists will be back up and functioning by the end of
the week.

The website should be down for less time.  Currently, you can access the
new website at, and the papers and syllabi
should be accessible through the links on that site.  When I actually
switch the name "comm-org.wisc.edu" over there may be a few hours when
nothing is accessible (long technical story why but just wanted you to
know).  When the switch is done, all links to the papers and syllabi
will be the same as for the old server.

Thanks for your patience,

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
rstoecker at wisc.edu

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