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Dear Friend

It's a tough time for the voices of everyday Americans to break through
the debate over the budget and healthcare. We made these short radio ads


with faith leaders from Louisiana, Missouri, Florida and Colorado to
tell their story on why we must defend the protections and security that
come under the new health law.

Please post these ads on your Facebook page and forward them to your
friends and relatives.&nbsp;


The only way to protect the new health law and prevent massive cuts to
Medicare and Medicaid is to make sure that people understand what is
at-risk for themselves and their families.

Two weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed a budget to repeal
the Affordable Care Act and end Medicare and Medicaid as we know them.
There is a lot of opposition across the country and in the Senate, but
the threat is real.



to Ashanti, Toby, Nikki and Francesca tell politicians in Washington not
to lose sight of the core values that guide our country. It is morally
wrong to give insurance companies a windfall while leaving the most
vulnerable members of our communities out in the cold.

If you believe the voices of everyday people should be heard louder than
the political rhetoric, click here


to share the ads using Facebook and Twitter with your friends and


Kamara O'Connor

PICO national staff

p.s. PICO creates materials teaching from the many faith traditions in
our network. These ads reflect a Christian perspective. Click here


to read Rabbi Chasan's recent blog on what he has learned from PICO.

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