[COMM-ORG] 4/28 EVENT: From Chiapas to El Barrio, NYC: The Zapatistas' Other Campaign

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 From: Movement for Justice in El Barrio
<movementforjusticeinelbarrio at yahoo.com>

>From Chiapas to El Barrio, NYC: The Zapatistas' Other Campaign

Thursday, April 28 · 7:00pm


172 Allen St. (between Stanton and Rivington)

New York, NY

You are invited to join members of Movement for Justice in El Barrio, an
immigrant-led community organization that is part of The Other Campaign,
at a special event to commemorate the “5 Days of Worldwide Action for
the Bachajón 5."

We will screen the New York City premiere of “Viva Mexico,” a film that
details Subcomandante Marcos' tour of Mexico, as the Zapatista set out
to build the extraordinary movement known as The Other Campaign.

Launched as a national grassroots movement against neoliberalism and for
humanity, The Other Campaign is uniting all sectors of civil society in
a horizontal, inclusive, and visionary alternative that rejects the
electoral process and embraces an entirely “Other” way of doing
politics--from below and to the left.

We will also premiere a special new “Video Message from San Sebastián
Bachajón, Chiapas” on the movement for dignity that is being carried out
by the community of San Sebastián Bachajón, Chiapas, Mexico. This
special video message sent to us from the indigenous peoples of
Bachajón, who are also adherents to The Other Campaign, highlights the
dignified struggle against neoliberal displacement and the international
campaign to free their 5 political prisoners.

For more information contact Movement for Justice in El Barrio at:
movementforjusticeinelbarrio at yahoo.com

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