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 [ed: congratulations to Aaron and Marie on the new book.]

From: Aaron Schutz <schutz at uwm.edu>

Aaron Schutz and Marie G. Sandy (Palgrave, Macmillan, 2011)
see at: www.educationaction.org

Chapters include a history of collective action in America, a series of
case studies, and chapters on key concepts. Quotes and examples come
from a wide array of often unpublished material by important organizers
like Tom Gaudette, Delores Huerta, Richard Harmon, Heather Booth, and
Nicholas von Hoffman.

“[This book] challenges students to look beyond the ‘how to’ of
organizing to the far more difficult task of ‘how to think’ about
organizing. Without such intellectual work, it is difficult to
understand community organizing as anything more than a series of
techniques equally usable by The Tea Party, President Obama, Tupperware,
or anyone else who wants to effectively gain ‘market share.’” --Mike
Miller, veteran community organizer and author of A Community
Organizer’s Tale:People and Power in San Francisco

“In accessible language and with compelling examples, Schutz and Sandy
explain the why of organizing.... A must-read for anyone interested in
building an inclusive, compassionate, and equitable society.” --Rinku
Sen, President and Executive Director of the Applied Research Center
(ARC) and publisher of ColorLines magazine

You can find the first chapter at www.educationaction.org

Some people may also be interested in my earlier book: SOCIAL CLASS,
SOCIAL ACTION, AND EDUCATION: The Failure of Progressive Democracy,
which compares Alinsky's vision with that of prominent progressives.

Part I Overview
1 What Is Community Organizing? 11
2 What Isn’t Community Organizing? 31
Part II History and Theory
3 Collective Action in Twentieth-Century America: A Brief History 47
4 Saul Alinsky: The “Father” of Community Organizing 93
Part III Case Studies
5 Campaign versus Community Organizing: Storytelling in Obama’s 2008
Presidential Campaign 111
6 A Theology of Organizing: From Alinsky to the Modern IAF 127
by Mark R. Warren
7 Organizing Through “Door Knocking” within ACORN 137
by Heidi Swarts
8 Mixing Metaphors and Integrating Organizing Models 155
by Marie G. Sandy
Part IV Key Concepts
9 Private—Civic—Public 179
10 One-on-One Interviews 191
11 Leadership 205
12 Power and Targets 219
13 “Cutting an Issue” 239
14 Tactics and Strategy 257
Part V Conclusion
15 “Hope Is on the Ground” 283
Part VI Appendix
Recommendations for Further Reading 287

Aaron Schutz
Associate Professor & Chair
Dept. of Ed. Policy & Comm. Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Enderis 553
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Office: (414) 229-4150
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