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Are You Ready to Raise Hell to

Save Your Home?

Direct Action Training &

Planning for Confrontational

Protests to Strengthen Our Rent Laws

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 5:45 PM

339 Lafayette Street (Manhattan), 3rd Floor

Subway: 6 to Bleecker St;

B/D/F/M to Broadway-Lafayette; N/R to Prince St

**Note: meeting is on the 3rd floor of a walk-up / no elevator access

The future of our homes is at stake, and the time has come for protests
that are
 more creative and confrontational - including civil disobedience. We
need to prepare
to go all out if May and June arrive with the future of rent regulation
still in

Whether as a participant or as a supporter, please help us plan actions
to escalate
the profile of the fight to strengthen our rent laws. No experience is
nor will we ask more of you than you're willing to do. At our first
planning meeting,
we'll hear from experts in the art of direct-action protest, and then
start planning
our own events! All who care about strengthening our rent laws are invited!

RSVPs are not needed, but they are appreciated:

active at metcouncil.net [mailto:active at metcouncil.net] / 212-979-6238 x200

Assembly Passes Bill to Renew &

Strengthen Our Rent Laws -

It's The Andrew Cuomo Show Now

On Monday the New York State Assembly passed legislation to renew and
 our rent-stabilization and rent-control laws, and at the same time end
decontrol, protect Mitchell-Lama and Section 8 tenants, reform the MCI
system, and
more. Fewer than 10 weeks remain for the NYS Senate to act. With
 Republicans controlling the Senate, it will be up to tenants like you
to force
Governor Cuomo and the Assembly to use their leverage to force the
Senate to pass
this bill.

Keep the calls coming to Gov. Cuomo's office:


In your own words, please say:

"Gov. Cuomo must act now to extend our rent- regulation laws and repeal
destabilization. I need the Governor to protect me and the next
generation of New
Yorkers by passing the Omnibus Rent Reform Billin its current form NOW!"

Your feedback helps a lot! Tell us how the call went:
active at metcouncil.net [mailto:active at metcouncil.net]

With the RGB's "Poor Tax" Reinstated, What Should Tenants Expect?

How will rent-stabilized tenants be affected by the Court of Appeals'
the Rent Guidelines Board's 2008 and 2009 minimum increase/"poor tax"
orders? It
 may come down to how your lease was written.

The April issue of Tenant/Inquilino, Met Council on Housing's monthly
on the tenant movement, analyzes the court decision and offers affected
a guide to what they may soon face, in two articles:

* "State Court Approves Marvin's Markup," and
* "The 'Poor-Tax Ruling: What it Means for Tenants"

Read the two articles on Met Council on Housing's Poor-Tax Roundup Page

Members of Met Council on Housing get our newspaper mailed free every
month, and
 your membership dues support our important advocacy and organizing work
to preserve
and strengthen our rent protection laws.

Please visit our membership pag
and join today.

Housing Notebook

Voice of the Tenant Movement

Vajra Kilgour will host Housing Notebook on Monday, April 18, 2011, at 8
PM. The
 call-in number is 212-209-2900.

Housing Notebook, a production of the Metropolitan Council on Housing,
airs Mondays on WBAI, 99.5 FM, from 8 to 9 PM in the New York
metropolitan area,
 and on the World Wide Web at www.wbai.org
Programs are archived for 90 days at www.archive.wbai.org

News You May Have Missed

Showdown looms after assembly votes to extend rent regulation
The State Assembly passed a bill on Monday that would strengthen rent
while setting up a possible showdown with the Senate and the real-estate
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says fate of rent regulations is up to
"We need [Cuomo] to join us and use his clout to bring together the
relevant stakeholders
to make it happen," Silver (D-Manhattan) said Monday.
Tax cap trade for rent rules shaping up
Extending and even expanding rent regulations is a priority with
Assembly Democrats,
whose power base is downstate. Senate Republicans derive their strength
from suburban
voters, who overwhelmingly want a tax cap. ... One longtime Capitol
observer suggested
lawmakers may be waiting until June before making tough final decisions
on rent
control or tax caps in order to make sure their political collections
have run their


Join the Metropolitan Council on Housing today and get involved in the
fight for
 decent, affordable housing!
Our members are the heart and soul of our work - leading our campaigns,
and providing nearly all of our financial support! We depend on the
efforts, and
 the membership dues, of people like you, for everything that we do.
To become a member and learn about the important work of Met Council on
 go to: metcouncil.net/join.htm
Members receive a free subscription to our monthly publication,


Call Met Council on Housing's tenants' rights telephone hotline at
between the hours of 1:30 and 5:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays, for brief
answers to questions about your rights as a tenant, help in organizing a
association in your building, or referrals.


Met Council on Housing's free clinic offers tenants assistance with
We meet at the offices of the Cooper Square Committee, located at 61
East 4th Street
in Manhattan, every
Tuesday beginning at 6:30pm.
By subway: 6 to Astor Place; F to 2nd Avenue; or N/R to 8th Street.
Please bring all paperwork associated with your case.


>From October 1 through May 31, landlords must provide heat at the
following levels:


If the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees, the inside 
temperature must
be at least 68 degrees everywhere in your apartment.


If  the outside temperature falls below 40 degrees, the inside
temperature  must
 be at least 55 degrees everywhere in your apartment.

Hot water

at a minimum of 120 degrees at the tap must be provided 24 hours a day,
all year

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In Solidarity,
Metropolitan Council on Housing

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