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 From: Mikala Horvat PICO <news at piconetwork.org>

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Dear Friend,

Check out this great new video


from Metro Organizations for People, a PICO federation in Colorado, in
support of a bill that would grant in-state tuition to undocumented
students attending state universities.

MOP is helping to lead the Higher Education Access Alliance whose goal
is to pass this legislation for Colorado youth. The bill is expected to
successfully pass out of the Colorado Senate this Friday, but faces a
much tougher challenge in the Colorado House.

"Undocumented youth like me have grown up in this country. It's all we
know. It is unfair to deny us the basic human right to create a better
future for ourselves and contribute to society," says Yesenya, youth
leader with Metro Organizations for People.

This week saw two good pieces of good news that give hope to those
working to fix our broken immigration system.

First, a federal appeals court blocked the most controversial elements
of Arizona's S.B. 1070 legislation that allowed police to stop and
request identification from any person suspect to be undocumented,
potentially leading to racial profiling and widespread fear. PICO
federations continue to organize to prevent passage of similar
anti-immigrant laws in Florida and other states and to encourage changes
in municipal policies that help immigrants integrate into the local

Second, Maryland lawmakers narrowly passed a bill granting in-state
tuition to undocumented students attending state universities, making
Maryland the 12th state in the nation to do so. The governor is widely
expected to sign the bill into law.

PICO joins with faith, youth and immigrant organizations in calling on
the President to halt enforcement action against DREAM students.

Please share what you and your congregation and organizations are doing
to advance the cause of fair immigration policies.

And pass this message on to your friends. They can sign up for
immigration updates by clicking this link




Mikala Horvat, PICO national staff

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