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March 31, 2011

Tonight: 8:30 pm (est) join me in the conversation with a unique
activist group,
 the Backbone Campaign.


The Backbone Campaign is a grassroots effort to embolden citizens and
elected officials
to stand up for progressive values. The group is committed to expanding
the political
dialogue by providing creative tools for citizens and the progressive
The backbone symbolizes an interlocking agenda, a coalition, and the
personal courage
necessary to fight for a future worthy of our children.

According to its co-founder, Bill Moyer, "the Backbone Campaign has no
 that 'change we can believe in' originates from DC or even State and
Local elected
officials. Nor does it flow from tepid mouse-click activism." Moyer says
change  in real people's lives always comes from social movements, with
actual organizers
working in local communities, working with and developing leaders in and
from those
communities. "One of the shining lights of such organizing was ACORN,"
says Moyer.

To participate and find out more about the Backbone Campaign go to this

Seeds of Change is available not only at book stores and Amazon, but now
it's available
through the Progressive Book Club
Click on this link and you can read my interview about why I wrote the
book. Progressive
Book Club

I am in the midst of a book tour. If you are interested in having a book
 event or even a house party please email me at jatlas4 at comcast.net

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