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 From: "Robert P. Fairbanks II" <rpf at uchicago.edu>

Dear All:

Below please find the table of contents for the most recent special
issue of Ethnography, co-edited by myself and Richard Lloyd. While we
had thought our choice of title was somewhat anachronistic (not to
mention possibly pretentious) after the Fall of 2008, recent events seem
to suggest otherwise.

March 2011; 12 (1)

Special Issue- Critical Ethnography and the Neoliberal City: The US example

Edited by: Robert P. Fairbanks II and Richard Lloyd

o Robert P Fairbanks II and
o Richard Lloyd

Critical ethnography and the neoliberal city: The US example

Ethnography March 2011 12: 3-11

o Robert P Fairbanks II

‘Bodies is what makes it work’: Statecraft and urban informality in the
Philadelphia recovery house movement

Ethnography March 2011 12: 12-39

o Catherine Fennell

‘Project heat’ and sensory politics in redeveloping Chicago public housing

Ethnography March 2011 12: 40-64

o Candice Rai

Positive loitering and public goods: The ambivalence of civic
participation and community policing in the neoliberal city

Ethnography March 2011 12: 65-88

o Elsa Davidson

Managing risk and ‘giving back’: Aspiration among working-class Latino
youth in Silicon Valley

Ethnography March 2011 12: 89-113

o Richard Lloyd

East Nashville skyline

Ethnography March 2011 12: 114-145

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