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  From: "Lee Winkelman" <lwinkelman at aol.com>

I want you to know about an exciting opportunity to head up a dynamic, 
growing congregation-based community organizing group in Los Angeles. We 
are looking for an executive director for LA Voice-PICO. Please help 
pass on the job description (below) to anyone who might be interested. I 
am happy to answer any questions about the position.



Lee Winkelman

Philanthropic and Nonprofit Consultant

1016 Alvira St.

Los Angeles, CA 90035

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lwinkelman at aol.com


Job Title: Executive Director

Organization: LA VOICE

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Posting Date: September 24, 2010

About the LA Voice:

LA Voice is an interfaith, community organization that unites people 
from diverse backgrounds to improve the quality of life, especially for 
those in greatest need. Founded in 2000, LA Voice has 25 member 
congregations representing 30,000 families. It has successfully worked 
to increase access to health care, make neighborhoods safer, improve 
public schools, build affordable housing, and mobilize infrequent voters 
throughout Los Angeles. LA Voice teaches people to speak, act, and 
engage in the public arena. The organization has developed a strong base 
of community leaders that are striving to transform the city. Together, 
LA Voice leaders from different parts of Los Angeles are creating 
innovative solutions to the most pressing problems facing our 
neighborhoods. LA Voice has a budget of over $500,000 and a staff of 4, 
plus interns. More information about the organization can be found at 

We are part of the PICO National Network, which has developed community 
leaders in 150 cities and 18 states. With more than one thousand 
religious congregations, schools, and neighborhood organizations, PICO 
is one of the largest grassroots community efforts in the United States. 
For more information, see www.piconetwork.org.


The Executive Director position is a fast paced and highly dynamic 
position that requires one to both be on the ground level of the 
organization and to have the capacity to plan strategically for the 
organization’s future. The position combines the ability to manage a 
growing organization, to develop leaders among a diverse population, and 
to oversee strategic organizing campaigns to win policy victories on a 
variety of issues, including affordable housing, education reform, bank 
regulation, and immigration reform. It requires someone who can develop 
strong relationships with individual leaders within LA VOICE while at 
the same time building coalitions and navigating the complicated 
politics of our country’s second largest city.

A PICO Network Staff Director, the LA VOICE Executive Director has 
overall responsibility for the day to day management and operation of 
the congregation-based community organization. This includes the 
following activities:

• Developing, supporting and coordinating organizational leaders at the 
local and federated (city-wide) levels.

• Assisting leadership in defining organizational vision and goals and 
implementing strategic organizing issue campaigns.

• Maintaining the budget and guiding its expansion. Must have the 
capacity to raise and manage grants, solicit donations from corporations 
and individuals, and oversee grassroots fundraising events and drives. 
The executive director also manages the fundraising activities of staff, 
the Board and other LA Voice member-leaders.

• Establishing and maintaining relationships with and building 
coalitions of policy leaders and other key strategic allies.

• Hiring, training and supervising all professional and administrative 

• Ensuring that there are regular Leadership Congresses, bringing 
together LA Voice leaders to build relationships, develop leadership 
skills, and advance policy campaigns.

• Making appropriate monthly written reports to the Board.


· A minimum of 5 years of organizing experience, preferably in a PICO 
congregation-based community organization.

· A willingness to embrace fundraising and an ability to raise money 
from diverse sources.

· Ability to build coalitions and navigate the complicated political 
environment of L.A.

· Familiarity with the principles and practices associated with 
congregation-based community organizing.

· Demonstrated competence and leadership in multi-faith, multi-lingual, 
multi-cultural contexts.

· Strong familiarity with Los Angeles community would be preferable.

· Strong written and interpersonal communication skills.

· Spanish fluency is strongly preferred.

Salary and Benefits

Salary is competitive, depending on experience

Application Procedure:

All applicants must apply for this position by October 15, 2010 using 
the online application at http://bit.ly/LAVoice100921. Please have the 
following (3) documents ready to be included with your application:

1. An electronic file of your resume (preferably in PDF format) ready to 
be uploaded with your application,

2. A cover letter (outlining your qualifications for this position) 
ready to be cut and pasted into the online application form, AND

3. A writing sample ready to be cut and pasted into the online 
application form.

If you need assistance with your application, contact 
jobs at piconetwork.org. For more information about the position, contact 
office at lavoicepico.org.

As a grassroots organization working with a wide range of communities, 
we strongly encourage applications from women and people of color.

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