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From: "Aniko Schwarcz" <Aniko at afj.org>

Alliance for Justice is working to update the “Resources for Evaluating 
Community Organizing (RECO)” compendium of resources for evaluating 
community organizing 
(http://www.afj.org/for-nonprofits-foundations/reco/). We are looking 
for resources including new theoretical approaches, tools and 
methodologies, and case studies on the evaluation of community 
organizing efforts, as well as any old ones we may have missed, to add 
to the compendium.

The audience for the compendium includes community organizations, other 
advocacy groups, grantmaking foundations, and evaluators. RECO helps 
these groups to quickly find evaluation materials at no cost.

Specifically, we seek to provide up-to-date:
1) Theoretical Approaches: Perspectives on the role of evaluation in 
strengthening organizing and social change efforts.
o Example: Check Your Success: A Guide to Developing Indicators for 
Community Based Environmental Projects: This resource sets out reasons 
why groups should evaluate their community work, provides tools for 
evaluating community involvement, and provides case studies of 
organizations doing community-based environmental work.
2) Tools and Methodologies: Examples of specific processes that can help 
organizations implement evaluation of community organizing.
o Example: CCBI Community Organizing Assessment Tool: This tool provides 
guidelines for organizations to assess their community organizing capacity.
3) Case Studies: Stories of efforts to evaluate community organizing 
work that illuminate key approaches and challenges that foundations and 
community organizations may be facing.
o Example: Evaluation of NPI’s Community Organizing Support Program for 
the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland: This resource gives an 
account of the author's evaluation of the effectiveness of a program 
designed to develop community organizing sensitivity and capacity in 
Cleveland's community development corporations.

If you have any suggestions for materials that you think would be 
useful, or can recommend others to contact, please respond by October 11 
to aniko at afj.org

Thank you,

Sue Hoechstetter

Alliance for Justice

11 DuPont Circle, NW, 2nd floor
Washington, DC 20036
phone: 202/464-7359
fax: 202/822-6068
e-mail: aniko at afj.org

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