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Fri Sep 24 11:24:48 CDT 2010

  [ed: without Wendy Plotkin there would be no COMM-ORG, so it's very 
nice to see this piece made available.]

From: Sharon Irish <slirish at ad.uiuc.edu>

An article of possible interest to this group has just been posted by 
the Digital Humanities Quarterly (v. 4.No 2). The title is "History, 
People, and Informatics: A Conversation between Sharon Irish and Wendy 

This extended interview between founding H-Urban editor Wendy Plotkin 
and H-Urban reviews editor Sharon Irish traces the early history of 
online scholarly communication via H-Net, H-Urban, and COMM-ORG, 
informed by Plotkin’s background as a planner and community activist in 
the 1970s and 1980s. After work with community development corporations 
on the East Coast, Plotkin entered graduate school in urban history at 
the University of Illinois at Chicago. During this period in the early 
nineties, Plotkin had a job with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), and 
then collaborated on the development of the forum that became H-Net. In 
addition to standards and protocols about new communication 
technologies, face-to-face relationships grew out of online exchanges, 
often with lively disagreements about the direction of H-Net. Plotkin’s 
own broadening use of digital tools prompts her concluding reflections 
on historians’ continuing need to use the Internet to overcome physical 
and intellectual fragmentation, and how the Internet has democratized 
the field of history.

The link is: http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/4/2/000086/000086.html



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