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Wed Sep 8 09:55:25 CDT 2010

  From: Mike Wilson <mikael.wilson at gmail.com>

Dear Colleagues;

The Lowery Foundation recently took part in an exploratory research 
campaign in a low-income rural Louisiana community.

The massive Deepwater Horizon oceanic oil spill of 2010, the worst 
petrochemical disaster in U.S. history, has significantly raised 
awareness about the health and environmental risks of chemical production.

The purpose of this research campaign was to understand how low income, 
rural communities cope with and make sense of environmental hazards and 
interrelated environmental and social suffering within a broader context 
of manufactured uncertainty about the significance of environmental risks.

The final product of this research is entitled: "Environmental Health in 
Donaldsonville, Louisiana: Assessment of Community Attitudes, 
Perceptions, and Experience".

It is available via the following link: 

Mike Wilson
John Harvey Lowery Foundation
509 Lessard St.
Donaldsonville, LA 70346 USA

local: 225-803-0813
overseas: +34 672 771 946 / skype: michael144
email: mwilson at jhlowery.org

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