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September 3rd, 2010

The initial comment period to consider revamping our outdated lending 
laws has ended this week, and we delivered a powerful message to big 
banks and their regulators:

723 of you wrote to the big bank regulators with your own stories about 
how big banks have destroyed our economy and are doing little to clean 
up the destruction they've caused.  A special thanks to all our friends 
at A New Way Forward who helped us get the word out and submitted many 
comment letters.

Bank regulators heard that we need good, quality loans and investment by 
the banks in our communities. They got the message that everyday people 
are watching what they're doing and will make sure our government is 
working for us and not big bank bottom lines.

What's next? The regulators will take all the comments and come up with 
a proposal for new bank rules in the next six months.  Together we'll 
make sure that the rules that get put in place put our communities first.

Thank you for stepping up and speaking out!


National People's Action (NPA) is a Network of community power 
organizations from across the country that work to advance a national 
economic and racial justice agenda.  NPA has over 200 organizers working 
to unite everyday people in cities, towns, and rural communities 
throughout the United States.

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