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  From: "Berkowitz, William" <William_Berkowitz at uml.edu>

Dear Co-list Colleagues,

       ...For those of you who are involved in disaster work, or know 
others who are, we are very pleased to announce a new free resource 
manual called, How to Help Your Community Recover from Disaster: A 
Manual for Planning and Action.

         The Manual can be found at: 

We hope that you and your colleagues may find it useful in your own work.

         The development of this Manual began after Hurricane Katrina. 
It was part of a large-scale, multi-year, and 20-member collaboration by 
the Task Force on Disaster, Community Readiness within the Society for 
Community Research and Action (SCRA; Division 27 of the American 
Psychological Association). Fran Norris of Dartmouth Medical School and 
Brad Olson of National Louis University have been the Co-Chairs.

         At its core, the Manual is designed to guide both lay and 
professional readers through the steps required to understand the 
potential effects of disaster, organize the community, assess its needs, 
make an action plan, choose a strategy or strategies for intervention, 
reach out to various constituencies, track results, and share lessons 

         We believe this Manual provides practical guidance to natural 
and potential community leaders about how to help their communities 
recover from disaster. And we hope it will be a useful resource in 
efforts to strengthen the capacity of communities to make informed 
choices, marshal resources, and facilitate post-disaster recovery.

         We encourage you to use this Manual freely. Beyond that, our 
goal is to make the Manual available to the widest possible audience; so 
we would be very grateful for your help in sharing the Manual with those 
who can most benefit from it.

         Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions 
or would like additional information. Send any feedback or suggestions 
to Brad Olson at bradley.olson at nl.edu

         With best wishes,

            ~~ Bill

                 Bill Berkowitz

                 for the Task Force on Disaster, Community Readiness, 
and Recovery

Bill Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, MA 01854

(978) 934-3655
Bill_Berkowitz at uml.edu

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