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  From: Tim Lilienthal <tlilienthal at piconetwork.org>

Dear Friends,

In recent weeks, it has been revealed that the nation’s largest banks 
have been fraudulently foreclosing on tens, if not hundreds of thousands 
of families.

Officials in Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, 
California, Ohio and many other states are now calling for statewide 
moratoriums until an investigation can be conducted. And Members of 
Congress are calling on the U.S. Attorney General to investigate.

Call Your State Attorney General’s Office Today
Urge them to “publicly call for a moratorium and investigation into 
banks’ foreclosure procedures”

If you haven’t been following the story, click here to get some background.

PICO federations are planning actions over the coming weeks to echo the 
call from non-profits and public officials nationwide for a moratorium, 
as well as encourage homeowners who are facing possible foreclosure to 
demand from their bank proof of ownership.

We believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The big banks got 
us into this crisis by cutting corners, and these new fraud revelations 
show that they are continuing to act in an unfair and reckless way that 
is prolonging the crisis.

Flooding the housing market with illegal foreclosures hurts everyone's 
property values and unfairly denies people an opportunity to save their 
homes from foreclosure. It’s time to finally stop this madness and hold 
the nation's biggest banks accountable for their detestable actions.


PICO National Network

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