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Sat Oct 9 10:57:12 CDT 2010

  From: "Robyn Perry, Progressive Technology Project" 
<info at progressivetech.org>

How long does it take you to do a direct mailing to thank your members 
and donors?  Or to create a set of address labels to send those letters 
out?  Can you make an attendance sheet in a flash, or a call list?

Your time is precious, !  Don't waste it on doing the stuff that 
technology is actually good at.

Join us for our hour-long Mail Merge for Word 2008 (Macs) training on 
October 7th 

Pacific 11am - 12pm / Mountain 12pm - 1pm / Central  1pm - 2pm / Eastern 
2pm - 3pm

We'll cover the steps of a mail merge & important considerations:

Preparing Excel sheet for mail merge
Creating a merge document in Microsoft Word
Outputting your mail merge
Reusing your merge document
Merging data for labels
Call List example

Register for Mail Merge for Macs (2008) on October 7th 

Please note: this training is specifically designed for the 2008 version 
of Microsoft Office for Macs.  If you have a different version, it may 
be difficult to follow along during the webinar.

Sessions are held online and include access to our online forums for 
additional help after the session is complete.
PTP's TechCamp Online sessions all follow this general outline:

1.  (3 minutes) Introduction to session, presenter, and group
2.  (5 minutes) Review session objectives - what does this session cover
3.  (37 minutes) Teach skills enumerated in session objectives.  We will 
teach each skill as follows:

Presenter will explain the skill
Presenter will demonstrate the skill
Participants will have a few minutes to practice skill/ask questions
Presenter will repeat demonstration

4.  We will go down the list of skills, following this method.  At the 
end of the skill instruction, we will have about 15 minutes  available 
for additional practice and questions for any interested participants.  
The extra practice and questions are completely optional.

Intermediate / Advanced level sessions feature more flexibility and a 
tighter focus on questions from participants.  If you have specific 
skills you are would like to see covered, please follow the instructions 
sent to you when you register.  While we can't accommodate all requests, 
we will do our best to address your questions.

Cost for each session is $25

Sign up now for Mail Merge for Word 2008 (Macs) on October 7th 
or contact us with any questions you have 

We will be offering other Techcamp Online sessions specific to both 
Windows and Macs soon. More details about the 2010 schedule of TechCamp 
Online webinars can be found at: 

Progressive Technology Project
2801 21st Ave S STE 132E
Minneapolis, MN 55407

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