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  Hi everyone,

One of my favorite neighborhoods continues to build on its organizing 

Randy Stoecker

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unChain Inc
unChain Inc

The unChain executive is interested in your opinion on various matters 
relating to the forthcoming election.

We ask that you complete a questionnaire prepared by the executive.

Simply go to www.albertpark2010.org 

*State government funding for the Palais*
unChain Inc welcomes the state government's announcement of $2.5 million 
for the Palais. But it cannot be claimed that the future of this iconic 
theatre has been secured.

The money will be used for urgent maintenance and restoration works.

We hope that this represents a change in government policy. For a decade 
the government has refused to contribute to the restoration of the 
Palais. This resulted in the Babcock Brown Citta plan for a privatised 
development of the St Kilda Triangle which was dominated by a commercial 
shopping mall and nightclubs. Martin Foley and his Labor 'mates' on the 
old Council supported this plan. Let us hope that this announcement is 
not just a cynical attempt to take the issue of the triangle off the 
agenda for the forthcoming state election.

This is an important step in the right direction, but it is only a step.

What is needed now is for the state government to commit to the 
long-term future of the Triangle.

First, the state government should re-commit to the promise of the 
Triangle as a cultural and entertainment precinct with significant 
public open space.

Second, the state government should commit to fund the full restoration 
of the Palais theatre. This would remove pressures for commercialisation 
of this iconic site.

Third, the state government should nominate as the lead State government 
agency working with the Council and the community the Ministry of the 
Arts, which has been the responsible for a number of landmark cultural 
infrastructure projects in Melbourne.

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