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November 23rd, 2010


Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo continue to drag out our 
economic recovery by avoiding their responsibility to fix the 
foreclosure crisis.

And, to add insult to injury, these big banks recently got rated 
"Outstanding" for how well they serve our communities.

Last week around the country we took action to demand the big banks fix 
the foreclosure crisis they created and halt foreclosures until 
homeowners have a real chance to save their homes and restore our 

Watch video and read about some of the highlights:

Missouri - Missourians protested outside a Bank of America branch last 
Thursday. Finny Dorsey of Grass Roots Organizing summed up the group's 
anger: "These greedy banks are getting ready to hand out $144 billion in 
bonuses, and they still have the nerve to kick families out of their 
homes…we call a rat a rat. We call a crook a crook. Bank of America, 

Iowa - Iowans fed up with big banks and the agencies who regulate them 
protested outside the offices of the Comptroller of the Currency and two 
bank branches, last Friday. "Bank of America and Wells Fargo aren't 
"Outstanding", they're Outrageous." said Mike McCarthy, an Iowa CCI 
member from Des Moines. "Their subprime and reckless lending practices 
helped cause an economic meltdown, tore apart the fabric of our local 
communities and destroyed the personal finances of millions of American 
families and homeowners.

Ohio - Standing outside a foreclosed home in Cincinnati whose owner had 
been refused a loan modification but is still being billed by the city, 
Communities United For Action called on Chase to fix their mess.

Massachusetts - Community leaders and members of the Alliance to Develop 
Power gathered at the condemned home of Diane McCloud to callout Goldman 
Sachs and Litton Loan Services and demand they clean up their mess and 
start investing back into the community. "I purchased my home in 1986 
for $61,000 and in 24 years I have never missed a payment. But now 
Litton Loan Services says I owe over $80,000. How is that possible?" 
said Diane McCloud. "I used to feel like I failed my family. But now I 
realize that it's the Big Banks that are failing me and other everyday 
people like me who are struggling to make ends meet.

Kansas - Sunflower Community Action leaders went to Bank of America and 
to their Attorney General's office to ask that the Attorney General meet 
with homeowners and concerned community leaders about their ongoing 
foreclosure investigation.

More actions to come this week. Check them out >>

Where's the Note? Reports continue to come in about how big banks like 
Bank of America continue to illegally foreclose on families. Make sure 
your bank is following the letter of the law—ask them to produce the 
note, and email us the response you receive.


Showdown in America


Showdown in America is a national bank accountability campaign of 
National People's Action (NPA) - a Network of community power 
organizations from across the country that work to advance a national 
economic and racial justice agenda.

810 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642
United States
National People's Action

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