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Facts on the Ground

In cities across the country, people of faith from PICO and other
organizations are hard at work using the tools and resources of health
reform to transform their local health systems, reduce economic and
racial disparities, and make families healthier.

As new benefits come online, PICO congregations are spreading the good
news. This week, the Department of Health and Human Services released
tough new rules requiring insurance companies to dedicate 80 cents out
of every dollar they receive in consumer premiums to direct care,
instead of overhead, executive salaries, and marketing. Click here


to read more about this important consumer protection.

Last week in New Jersey, Camden Churches Organized for People


brought together low-income residents with the health providers,
policy-makers and business leaders to win support for state legislation
to implement health reform in low-income communities. The legislation
will divert frequent emergency room users to high-quality primary care,
and re-invest savings into community health needs, such as nurse
practitioners on-site in housing projects, and health outreach teams to
manage people with chronic conditions.

Seventy clergy and community leaders from ten PICO federations from
across the U.S. joined Camden Churches Organized for People in a
hands-on training session


on implementing reform. They covenanted to create local health systems
that are patient-centered, improve outcomes, lower costs, and focus on
prevention and primary care.

Working Interfaith Network of Baton Rouge and Brooklyn Congregations


have already held community action meetings


to begin making the most of the Affordable Care Act.

Despite the political talk during the mid-term elections about repealing
health reform, the reality on the ground is that faith leaders,
non-profits, hospitals and clinics, business leaders, state and local
government officials are rolling up their sleeves, leading the way to
make sure health reform delivers quality, affordable care in communities
across the country.

Join in our covenant!

p.s. Click here


to read our analysis of what the mid-term election results mean for
health reform.

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