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November 13, 2010

To our compañeras, compañeros, sisters and brothers of The Other Campaign:

The Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land of Atenco and Movement for 
Justice in El Barrio of New York, welcome you to this land, to this 
community of dignified people, that today is a point of reference in the 
resistance struggles which demonstrate that the unification of our 
forces can crush our enemies and continue to win battles.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio and the Peoples’ Front in Defense of 
the Land welcome you to the National Encuentro of Organizations and 
Struggles of The Other Campaign. We invited you to this gathering, as a 
way of moving forward in the organization of our struggles and to 
contribute our grain of sand to the construction of this new world that 
we desire.

Our hope is to also build unity amongst all of us who are part of The 
Other Campaign. Now more than ever, the dignified people who make up The 
Other Campaign must unite everywhere and in every way possible.

We think that it is necessary to find more ways of supporting each 
other, because we haven’t and will not forget that in The Other 
Campaign: An injury to one is an injury to all.

Our wish is to strengthen the dignified struggles of The Other Campaign.

We recognize that not everyone from The Other Campaign is present here. 
Therefore, we are clear that the proposals and resolutions that emerge 
from this Encuentro will not be representative of everyone who is part 
of The Other Campaign. We think that what emerges from this Encuentro is 
but another contribution of those in attendance to the construction, 
from below and to the left, of The Other Campaign.

In this National Encuentro of Organizations and Struggles of The Other 
Campaign, the rebels who are here, who fight for dignity and against the 
capitalist system and the bad government of the PRI, PAN, and PRD, have 
come together to give voice to their presence, their rage, their 
struggle and their dreams.

During these days, we will break down together the barriers that power 
creates to divide us; we will listen to each other, and we will learn 
from one another.

Today our country and our world are in grave danger due to the 
capitalist system and its servants in the bad government, which in 
Mexico consists of the political parties of the PRI, PAN, and PRD. The 
owners of power and money have decided to devastate the little that we 
have left at any cost. They do not allow anyone to interfere with their 
plans of destruction and death, which they call progress and modernity. 
They have waged a war against our peoples to remove us from our land and 
take our resources. They have criminalized our struggles and have 
implemented low intensity warfare, including counterinsurgency measures 
and population control. We have lived this politics of repression in the 
flesh: They assassinated our compañeros; soldiers dressed as federal 
police raped women; together with state police, they entered our 
communities, breaking into our homes, beating and torturing our 
children, elderly, men, women, and youth. Due to the extreme poverty 
that is lived in our communities, many people have been displaced or 
have had to migrate to another country. Our people experience global 
displacement when the capitalist system and bad government force us to 
migrate to the United States. While there, our migrant population faces 
everyday racism, exploitation, and marginalization, and encounters 
another form of displacement from their neighborhoods and communities.

For these reasons, today we better understand the years of resistance of 
our brothers and sisters from the Zapatista indigenous communities in 
Chiapas, who today continue to be attacked by the paramilitary groups 
and the army of the bad government, composed of the PRI, PAN and PRD. We 
know that the construction, with those from below, of The Other Campaign 
is the only hope we have as a people. All of this requires that we 
continue to unite ourselves in gatherings such as this in order to find 
ways to stop the destruction, incarceration, and death that those at the 
top desire for each and every one of us.

We need to continue fighting and organizing ourselves in our communities.

In our rural communities, such as San Salvador Atenco, it is important 
to continue organizing ourselves ejido by ejido – from below and with 
all those from below.

In our urban communities, such as El Barrio, New York, it is important 
to continue organizing ourselves door to door, building by building, and 
block by block – from below and with all those from below.

We, Movement for Justice in El Barrio and the Peoples’ Front in Defense 
of the Land, think that organizing ourselves with our bases, in our 
respective forms of struggle, in every community of our country that we 
are in, is the way in which we will truly be able to strengthen The 
Other Campaign.

All of us who form The Other Campaign walk along a fault line in lands 
of resistance and oppression. We want to continue building together the 
path towards a future of dignity.

Compañeras, compañeros, sisters and brothers:

We thank you for accompanying us in this Encuentro. We know that each 
time we unite, we challenge the system that seeks to divide us.

In this Encuentrto, we hope to raise like flags all of our differences 
and continue walking together to defend our lands, our cultures, our 
identities, our loves, and our autonomies.

We have the hope to continue fighting so that our dreams of creating the 
other world that we all want will become a reality.

Welcome, all of you.

Zapata lives! The Struggle Continues!

Long Live The Other Campaign!

Movement for Justice in El Barrio and the Peoples’ Front in Defense of 
the Land

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