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  From: Gloria Robinson <onedcjob at gmail.com>
Subject: ONE DC Employment Opportunity

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November 2010

About ONE DC:
ONE DC (formerly Manna CDC) is a progressive popular education and 
community organizing
group that has been operating in the District of Columbia since 1997. 
Based on our
analysis of and experience with the tremendous economic and social 
changes in DC,
we have developed a mission "to continually create and preserve racial 
and economic
equity in the District."
In our short history, ONE DC has distinguished itself as one of a few 
in Washington, DC that moves beyond service provision to build 
sustainable community
capacity and leadership so that low-income people of color can speak for 
ONE DC promotes leadership that does not tell others what to do, but 
helps them
take charge to build their abilities and skills; it is not about being 
the leader,
but about building more leadership in the community to increase capacity 
for the
  long term. Finally, ONE DC recognizes that leadership cannot exist 
without the
support and power of the whole community. Central to ONE DC's leadership 
style is
the identification and dismantling of systemic influences such as 
racism, classism
and sexism that manifest both individually and institutionally.
ONE DC's progressive organizing values are heavily influenced by the 
and achievements of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 
(SNCC), as well
as other groups and people-led movements for justice and human rights 
that have
occurred throughout the world.
Organizationally, ONE DC has formally implemented a non-hierarchical, 
shared leadership
structure that recognizes, supports and encourages the abilities and 
of its board, members and staff.

Job Opportunity: Community Organizer(Full-time)
ONE DC is seeking a creative and dynamic individual with a proven track 
record to
join the ONE DC team as a Community Organizer for ONE DC's Right to 
Income and Right
to Housing/Land Campaigns. The successful candidate will:
1. Take a lead role in building an effective organizing team by 
collaborating with
resident leaders, staff and Community Organizing Committee to develop 
popular education
and organizing strategies to achieve community controlled development, 
living wage
job access, housing policy and income/economic equity outcomes.
2. Work with organizing team to implement said organizing strategies.
3. Develop outreach strategies and approaches that are innovative and 
of the membership body
4. Conduct 15-25 hours of outreach, leader visits, etc. per week with 
  Team members.
5. Recruit and develop ONE DC members.
6. Assist in mentoring Organizing Team members and ONE DC member organizers
7. Increase the leadership capacity of ONE DC members on the community 
development, living wage job access, housing policy and income/economic 
equity teams.
8. Secure media coverage of ONE DC organizing work.
9. Assist in the planning and implementation of ONE DC organizational 
10. Perform organizing campaign related administrative tasks as needed 
and appropriate
to sustaining the organization.
11. Attend regular staff meetings, planning sessions, etc.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Three to five years demonstrated direct organizing/base building 
2. Strong computer and internet skills;
3. Ability to build unity and motivate others to action;
4. Good communication skills, written, verbal, and interpersonal; and
5. Self-motivated and skilled at working as part of a team.
Additional Qualifications:
1. Knowledge of Washington, DC issues and organizations;
2. Knowledge of national employment equity and housing policy issues and 
3. Spanish or Chinese language proficiency preferred;
4. Strong research skills;
5. Eye for detail;
6. Flexible hours, including a willingness to work evenings and some 
weekends; and
7. Creativity and sense of humor;
8. A reflexive professional practice and active commitment to self-critique;
9. Willingness to engage in honest, though constructive, mindful, and 
reciprocal critique of work with teams and other staff.
ONE DC offers a generous salary and benefits package. ONE DC is strongly 
to staff development and training. This is an opportunity for an 
individual to build
meaningful relationships with grassroots communities and to be a part of 
real, concrete
social change. People of color, women, LGBTQ and bilingual applicants 
are strongly
encouraged to apply.
To Apply:
Please submit resume and cover letter (including salary expectations) 
Gloria Robinson
onedcjob at gmail.com

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www.onedconline.org [http://www.onedconline.org]

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