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  From: Rev Ryan Bell <news at piconetwork.org>

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Dear Friend,

We wanted to share another big development in our bank accountability

On Monday, over 800 members of our PICO affiliate here in Los Angeles --
L.A. Voice


-- gathered at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church to call on city council
to pass a "responsible banking ordinance" that would move city deposits
out of banks that refuse to help homeowners and small businesses and
into responsible banks that are investing in the people of Los Angeles.

The primary message to banks: it's our money and so we want you to act
on our values. Invest in us or we're not going to invest in you. Watch
TV coverage of the event



You can also learn more


about these "responsible banking ordinances" that cities around the
country are considering, including Los Angeles, New York City, Boston,
and San Jose.

Over the coming weeks & months, we will continue to press members of the
L.A. city council to pass this ordinance as soon as possible, as well as
identify responsible banks that should getting more city business. More
to come soon on this developing story.

In peace,

Rev. Ryan Bell

Hollywood Adventist Church

L.A. Voice

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