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  From: Rev Lucy Kolin <news at piconetwork.org>

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Dear Friends,

Last week thirty PICO leaders met with Treasury Secretary Geithner to
press for a new approach to stopping foreclosures. It was the first time
that Secretary Geithner had met with so many homeowners, clergy and
housing counselors who had first-hand experience with the foreclosure

We took with us stories from around the country &ndash; including many
that you sent us &ndash; and presented five specific steps


that the Administration can take right now to keep many more families in
their homes. The Secretary agreed to respond in writing to these
recommendations within 30 days.

The Obama Administration has much more power to hold banks accountable
for preventing foreclosures than they've been willing to use. And this
will not change unless we turn up the heat.

Sign our petition to President Obama calling for a new approach to the
foreclosure crisis


Between now and the end of the year, PICO will be stepping up our
efforts to put direct pressure on banks to stop foreclosing on families
and on Treasury to use the fullest extent of its power to compel banks
to do more, starting with a national day of action to stop foreclosures
on November 18 .

And we will continue to work with our cities to pass new laws


to move billions of dollars out of the nation's biggest banks and into
financial institutions that are more responsive to community needs.

Here is a story about our meeting from Religious New Service: Faith
Groups Press Geithner on Foreclosures


Thanks for all your support. Stay tuned for more!

Rev. Lucy Kolin

Co-Chair, Oakland Community Organizations

PICO National Network

P.S. Please forward the petition link


to other congregations and organizations that are concerned about
preventing unnecessary foreclosures.

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