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Wed Nov 3 15:18:21 CDT 2010

  From: Joe Szakos Virginia Organizing <e-action at virginia-organizing.org>

Dear Friends,

Many of you have spent the last several days tirelessly canvassing, 
phone banking and reminding your friends and family to vote. Thank you 
for your efforts and your passion!

Regardless of who wins or loses an election, your efforts were not in 
vain. Engaging low-income voters, minority voters and young voters is a 
long-term goal whose success cannot always be measured by a map on CNN. 
Real organizing takes time and happens every day, not only on the first 
Tuesday in November.

Thanks to your help, the last several months are full of achievements we 
can celebrate which will put us in a better position to stand together 
for the issues that matter to Virginia's families. Hundreds of Virginia 
Organizing supporters learned to phone bank and canvass this year.  Many 
people wrote their first letter to the editor of their local newspaper. 
Thousands of citizens attended their first forum or spoke publicly on 
the issues they care about for the very first time. And most importantly 
many people "connected the dots" in a different way, figuring out the 
real need for systemic change. With your continued support, their 
involvement will not stop today.

Last night we heard the rallying cry that many Americans want to "Give 
our country back." But the question is, "Who are they giving it back 
to?" With the unprecedented increase in undisclosed campaign 
contributions, the answer is clear: the corporations. Secret corporate 
contributions influenced the election in ways we have not begun to 
understand. But we do know that we must continue organizing. We must 
increase our capacity so that even the most well-funded corporate 
interest groups cannot drown out our voices on Election Day, no matter 
how many ads the corporations buy on our local television stations.

Long-term change requires a longer view. We will keep fighting together 
and will use every legislative and political defeat to motivate 
ourselves to organize smarter and get more people involved.

Thank you for everything you have done to support our efforts to build a 
more just Virginia that works for everyone.


Take care,

Joe Szakos

Executive Director


703 Concord Avenue

Charlottesville, VA 22903-5208

(434) 984-4655 &bull;   (434) 984-2803 fax

http://www.virginia-organizing.org www.virginia-organizing.org


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