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The CSO was a groundbreaking early community organization. An exciting 
new documentary airs this Monday.

CSO Friends,

Below please find the press release concerning the soon-to-be-released 
CSO documentary. The press release contains specific details for viewing 
options. If you do not have access to the TV channels described below, 
watch the premier live online this Monday at 8pm PST at UCTV.tv/watch. 
Feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope you enjoy it!

Cristina Jimenez

On behalf of Gretchen Laue, CSO Organizing Committee


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March 23, 2010

Media contact: Henry DeVries at hdevries at ucsd.edu or 858-534-9955

TV Show Examines Historic Chicano Community Organizers

The documentary “Organize! The Lessons of the Community Service 
Organization,” about the history of Cesar Chavez’ Community Service 
Organization (CSO), will premiere locally on UCSD-TV and nationally on 
UCTV beginning March 29, 2010.

CSO was a grassroots effort launched in the 1940s that empowered a 
generation of Mexican-Americans, including Cesar Chavez. The program 
shows how poor immigrants were able to move into the mainstream of 
American society through voter registration drives, lawsuits and 
legislative campaigns. Now, over 50 years later, the leaders of the 
movement reflect on the impact.

The 90-minute program will air on UCSD-TV during the following times, 
and will also be available for online viewing and podcast downloading by 
April 1 at ucsd.tv/search-details.aspx?showID=18203

* 3/29/2010 8 pm and 9am
* 3/30/2010 10 pm and 1pm
* 4/1/2010 6 am
* 4/2/2010 6:30 pm and 3am
* 4/3/2010 12 am
* 4/4/2010 8 pm
* 4/12/2010 8:30 pm
* 4/13/2010 10:30 pm
* 4/16/2010 6:30 pm
* 4/18/2010 4 pm

The program will also air nationally on University of California 
Television (UCTV) at the following times (PST):

* 3/29/2010 9am
* 3/30/2010 1 pm
* 3/31/2010 5 pm
* 3/31/2010 8 pm
* 4/1/2010 6 pm
* 4/2/2010 3 pm
* 4/3/2010 12 pm

UCSD-TV and UCTV are available in San Diego on Cox and Time Warner Cable 
Ch. 135, AT&T U-verse Ch. 99, and UHF (no cable) Ch. 35. UCSD-TV 
programming runs from 4 p.m. to midnight, and UCTV picks up from 
midnight to 4 p.m. UCTV is also available nationwide on Dish Network 
satellite Ch. 9412, on cable (visit uctv.tv/cable for availability), and 
as a live Web stream at UCTV.tv/watch .

More than six decades ago, the CSO was formed to empower a generation of 
Mexican-Americans who thought themselves powerless to fight a racist 
system that denied them civil rights.

Through voter registration and citizenship drives, English classes, 
lawsuits, lobbying campaigns and hundreds of small organizing meetings, 
CSO became the vanguard of the Latino civil rights movement.

Founded in 1947, the organization launched the careers of dozens of 
organizers and leaders – including Chavez, Dolores Huerta, U.S. Rep. 
Edward Roybal and California Supreme Court Judge Cruz Reynoso. CSO also 
changed the lives of thousands of first and second-generation 
immigrants, who found they could successfully challenge a system through 
grassroots organizing.

“Until now, the history of the CSO has gone largely untold, even in 
academia, where the importance of CSO is well established,” says 
Gretchen Laue of UC San Diego Extension, a member of the CSO Project 
organizing committee. “The story of CSO is about the ways the 
organization changed the lives of its members, and the way their actions 
in turn changed life for thousands of others.”

The TV program will feature stories of the original participants in the 
CSO movement, juxtaposed with the experiences of community organizers 
today. During the last few years the CSO Project has been in a race 
against time to record 41 in-depth, videotaped interviews with CSO pioneers.

For more information visit the Web site at csoproject.org or contact 
Gretchen Laue at UC San Diego Extension at 858 964-1344.

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