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Sat Mar 20 11:15:32 CDT 2010

A partnership invitation
From: "Berkowitz, William" <William_Berkowitz at uml.edu>

Dear Co-List Community:

We’re writing to update you on some recent happenings at the Community Tool

Box, and to invite your participation.

Many of you are already familiar with the Community Tool Box, at 
http://ctb.ku.edu, which has been posting community development 
information online since 1995. At this point, you can view and download 
any of 300 separate modules with community guidance and 7000 pages of 
how-to-do-it text. If you haven’t visited recently, check us out.

One of our main goals right now, though, is to make the Tool Box more 
interactive and participatory. And one way to do that is to invite you 
to partner with us, through creating on-site linkages between your work 
and ours. This could take the form of a mashup of our resources, where 
you could post links to our free skill-building resources on your site.

A recent example is the Unnatural Causes series on health disparities 
(“Is Inequality Making Us Sick?”), which you may have seen on PBS. In 
this case, our resources enhanced the “What You Can Do” page on the 
Unnatural Causes site, and boosted the effectiveness of their Action 
Center. You can see the partnership by going to: 
http://www.unnaturalcauses.org/what_you_can_do.php. Our resource is also 
featured on the Robert Wood Johnson website: 

We would be interested in exploring a similar partnership with you, in 
ways that would benefit both our organizations and promote meaningful 
change. If that’s something that might interest you, or if you have 
questions, we encourage you to be in touch with us. You can contact me 
directly, or contact Christina Holt (cholt at ku,.edu) or Jami Jones 
(jjones at ku.edu) at our Community Tool Box offices.

Some other interactive updates in brief:

* The Community Tool Box blog, at http://blog.myctb.org, is a great 
place to read the latest community health and development news; it’s 
easy to contribute your comments. You can also follow us on Facebook and 

* We continue to invite your questions to Ask an Advisor, at 
https://www.myctb.org/en/AskanAdvisor.aspx, where you can receive 
personalized answers to your questions on community health and development.

* And we are always looking for real-life examples and success stories 
to feature on the Community Tool Box. If you have a link you would like 
to suggest to us, we would love to hear from you.

We welcome your feedback and your involvement in any or all of these 

Many thanks, and yours in community,

~~ Bill

Bill Berkowitz

for the Community Tool Box team

Department of Psychology
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, MA 01854

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