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[ed: you may have read about the Virginia governor's approach to their 
budget woes. Here is VOP's community organizing approach.]

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Dear friends,

Last week the Virginia Organizing Project took an unusual approach the 
budget cuts and the need for revenue by delivering a giant check the 
Governor’s office. Apparently, the Governor’s office is not used to 
residents wanting to contribute money to the state’s general fund.

That’s why we made quite an impression last Friday when we strolled into 
the Governor’s office with a giant check made out to the Commonwealth of 

The $921.01 donation was the result of “bake sales for the budget” held 
statewide on March 4. The bake sales brought together members of the 
community to raise revenue for the state budget and to remind 
legislators that a cuts-only approach is irresponsible and will hurt 
education, health care and public safety at a time when Virginians need 
them most.

Click Here for Video of the Check Presentation: 

Click Here for More Photos of the Check Presentation:


The bake sales and the check delivery were a light-hearted approach to 
the serious budget problem. With your help,VOP will continue to 
encourage legislators to protect our public systems and look for new 
revenue sources, one giant check at a time.

Thanks for all your support.

Janice “Jay” Johnson


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