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From: Rabbi Moshe ben Asher & Magidah Khulda bat Sarah 
<kharakim at sbcglobal.net>

We have recently added our "Workshop on Intra-Organizational 
Accountability and Confrontation" to the Gather the People 
(http://www.gatherthepeople.org) organizing resources web page 

The eight-page workshop outline is geared to train members, leaders, and 
organizers on the essentials of intra-organizational accountability and 
confrontation, with particular focus on overcoming failure to challenge 
malfeasance and nonfeasance from anxiety or fear at the prospect of 
confrontation. The workshop is also geared to develop within the 
organization a "culture of accountability."

If members or leaders of your community, congregational, or parish 
organization are reluctant to hold one another accountable for living up 
to their commitments and responsibilities, this workshop may be just 
what's needed to transform the situation.

Moshe ben Asher

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