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FW: Craigslist foundation on community organizing
From:  "Dr Melinda Chateauvert" <mchateau at aasp.umd.edu>

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From: Craigslist Foundation <info at craigslistfoundation.org>
Subject: Want to be a community change rockstar? Are you already one?
Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 11:05 AM

We're interested in learning more about how people build stronger 
neighborhoods and what prevents others from joining in the fun.

We'll be exploring this topic by hosting small group discussions in 
Washington DC, New York, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Austin, San Francisco, 
and Portland, Oregon in March and April. We hope to gain new insights 
about programs Craigslist Foundation can develop to support 
community-building and ultimately, what you would want those programs to 
look like.

We'd love for you to join us, especially if you've had any of these 

1. You're actively engaged in a project to strengthen your neighborhood.
2. You've participated in such a project in the past.
3. You'd like to change something in your neighborhood, but something's 
blocking you or you don't even know how to start.

Interested in participating? Know someone who might be? Send a note to 
Arthur Coddington (arthur at craigslistfoundation.org) with a few sentences 
about your personal experiences. We'll keep you in the loop as the 
discussions are scheduled. Space is limited so please respond as soon as 

We also invite you to share your experiences and perspectives online at 

Please spread the word - we know there are plenty of brilliant community 
leaders who aren't yet on Craigslist Foundation's email list.


The Craigslist Foundation Team

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