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From:     Bertha Lewis, ACORN <newsacorn at acorn.org>

Shut them down   [ 
http://healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/arrestfasource=acorn ]

"Karen Ignagni, AHIP CEO"

Deputize yourself and help arrest the insurance companies [ 
http://healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/arrestfax&source=acorn ]

Dear Randy,

Today our partners in Health Care for America Now (HCAN) are taking it 
to the streets.

The insurance companies are having a conference in Washington, DC to 
plot how to kill health reform. Thousands are gathering "as we speak" to 
perform a citizens' arrest. Even though you can't be there in person, 
you can help us hold the insurance companies accountable for their crimes.

*We've obtained the fax numbers for the offices of the insurance 
companies. With your help, we can "shut them down! "* [ 
http://healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/arrestfax&source=acorn ]

Chris Shiflett, guitarist in the Foo Fighters, has recorded a video to 
deputize you into the citizens' posse so you can help us arrest the 
insurance companies.

*Click here to watch the video and send a free fax of a wanted poster 
with an insurance CEO's face on it to the insurance company offices.* [ 
http://healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/arrestfax&source=acorn ]

Even if you can't be with us in person you can help us arrest their fax 
machines and *shut them down!* [ 
http://healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/arrestfax&source=acorn ] 
Imagine -- "thousands" upon "thousands" of wanted posters showing up at 
the offices of the insurance companies.

The insurance companies have committed awful crimes against the American 
  * They violate contracts by selling you insurance and then denying you 
care [1]
  * They launder money through other front groups -- including tens of 
millions through the ultra right-wing Chamber of Commerce [2]
  * They pervert our democracy by bribing public officials by spending 
millions per day on corporate lobbyists [3]
  * And 45,000 people die every year because they don't have insurance [4]

*It's time to arrest them, and you can help. Click here to deputize 
yourself and send a fax to the insurance companies to let them know 
we're coming after them!* [ 
http://healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/arrestfax&source=acorn ]

Today we're arresting the insurance companies. Tomorrow HCAN is taking 
the people's message to Congress with a citizens' lobbying day on 
Capitol Hill. They'll tell Congress that they need to listen to the 
people, not insurance company criminals, and pass health reform that 
works for us -- now!

President Obama has called for an up-or-down vote on health reform by 
Easter. Congress is already gearing up to meet the deadline. [5]

*It's time to stand up together and "stop" the insurance companies.*

*Click here to help us arrest the insurance companies. Send them a fax 
right now! * [ 
http://healthcareforamericanow.org/page/s/arrestfax&source=acorn ]

In solidarity and strength,

Bertha Lewis
ACORN CEO and Chief Organizer

*[1]* In Health Care, Number Of Claims Denied Remains A Mystery  [ 
]-- "Huffington Post"
*[2] * Health Insurers Funded Chamber Attack Ads [ 
] -- "National Journal"
*[3] *Lobbyists Spend Millions to Influence Health Care [ 
] -- "Washington Post"
*[4]* 45,000 American deaths associated with lack of insurance [ 
http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/09/18/deaths.health.insurance/ ] -- "CNN"
*[5]* Obama Calls for 'Up or Down Vote' on Health Care Bill  [ 
http://nytimes.com/2010/03/04/health/policy/04health.html ]-- "New York 

 [ http://www.acorn.org ]

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