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From: wettaka abasar <wabasar at yahoo.com>

Dear Members,

Iam part of a team doing a survey on Malaria for the CLINTON FOUNDATION 
in Eatern Uganda.

I visited the affected communities as the heavy rains were pouring down 
the hills.I visited the school and health centre where hundreds of rural 
dwellers were burried.

I talked to the school children who are now burried.The Government as 
well as the Red Cross have intervened but still gaping holes in the 
relief effort remain.

I have just come from Butaleja District where the Manafwa and Namatala 
Rivers have bust their banks.

About three hundred families have been lucky to escape but may not 
survive the hunger and water borne diseases that will result from the 
floods.The community coping mechanisms seems to be wanting.

Kindly share with me how we can deal with long term strategies of 
landslide prevention and short term interventions to suppliment 
Government efforts. 


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