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Fighting Foreclosure Fraud

Homeowners from PICO and other organizing groups from across the U.S.
traveled to Iowa this month to meet with the Attorney General leading a
fifty-state investigation into mortgage fraud. Next up are meetings with
the Attorney Generals in Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York,
Colorado, California and other states to press them to include tough new
foreclosure prevention rules in the settlement they are expected to
reach with the nation's largest banks. Read more and see media



PICO Florida fights for stronger response to the foreclosure crisis

PICO Florida brought together 200 people in Kissimmee and 160 people in
Seminole County, in Central Florida to meet with state legislators to
join the fight to prevent unnecessary foreclosures in one of the hardest
hit states in the U.S. Read more&gt;&gt;


PICO organizations fight for responsible banking policies

In Los Angeles over 800 members of PICO affiliate LA Voice gathered at
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in November. They called on city
council to pass a Responsible Banking Ordinance


that would move city deposits out of banks that refuse to help
homeowners and small businesses and into responsible banks that are
investing in the people of Los Angeles. As a result of a responsible
banking policy won by People Acting in Community Together (PACT), the
City of San Jose diverted more than $1 billion in public dollars out of
Bank of America


due to its poor record at modifying mortgages to prevent foreclosure.
Read more about how your city could pass a responsible banking



Creating Pathways to Opportunity for Youth

With unemployment at record levels, young people are finding it
especially hard to find work. Essex County Community Organization won
commitments from the Mayor of Lynn to help expand the number of summer
job openings for youth in the city. Read more&gt;&gt;


Parent organizing brings Home Visit program to New Bedford

United Interfaith Action organized to bring PICO's nationally-recognized
Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project


to New Bedford schools. This effort trains and supports teachers to
visit the homes of their students to build relationships with parents
that support high quality education. Read more&gt;&gt;



Ten PICO Federations in New Jersey, Vermont, New Orleans, Baton Rouge,
Kansas City, Denver, San Jose and San Diego are working together on a
joint campaign to use the tools and resources of health reform to
improve their local health care systems and reduce economic and racial
disparities. Seventy PICO leaders traveled to Camden, New Jersey in
November to learn about an innovative campaign to transform the state's
urban health care systems so that people rely less on fragmented
emergency room care and more on high quality patient-centered primary
care. See photos from the event&gt;&gt;


PICO launches new health reform education tool

As part of a coordinated effort to help people understand what health
reform means for their families PICO created a quick online survey


that provides information about key provisions in the new law. Take the


Organizing to strengthen Safety Net Hospitals

PICO and Community Catalyst


are working together to assure that lower-income communities have a
strong voice in decisions being made by federal and state governments on
how to implement health reform. Yesterday we released a policy paper
that highlights the critical role that safety-net hospitals play in
serving vulnerable populations and makes recommendations to ensure that
these vital community institutions will be strengthened under the
Affordable Care Act. The paper grows out of a local organizing campaign
by Brooklyn Congregations United


to strengthen an important safety net hospital serving the Brooklyn
community. Read the full report&gt;&gt;

Los Angeles community organizes for access to fresh fruits and

Residents of Ramona Gardens, one of the lowest-income communities in Los
Angeles, are organizing to create more access to fresh fruits and
vegetables in their neighborhood. With only an overpriced, low quality
corner store within walking distance from their homes, residents
regularly make a three to four hour journey to and from Superior
Grocers, where they collectively spend over $1 million per year. Working
with LA Voice, they recently won concessions from the large grocery
chain to restore and improve shuttle service for residents who lack
cars. Read more&gt;&gt;



Young people and faith leaders join forces to make the case for the

In close collaboration with the United States Conference of Catholic
Bishops and other religious bodies young people from PICO worked
overtime this fall to make the case for passage of the DREAM Act, which
would enable youth who were brought to the U.S. as children to serve the
country through higher education or military service. PICO federations
held vigils and press conferences and a group of PICO youth traveled to
Washington, DC to witness the historic vote in favor the DREAM Act in
the House of Representatives. While the DREAM Act fell short in the
Senate, passing the House and winning 55 votes in the Senate were
important accomplishments that laid the groundwork for success in the
future. Read more&gt;&gt;


Growing partnership between PICO and Justice for Immigrants creates
ground work for progress on immigration reform

More than 240 clergy and lay people attended a November conference
co-organized by the Justice for Immigrants campaign of the United States
Conference of Catholic Bishops and PICO. The event provided Catholics
with an opportunity to reflect on Catholic teaching on migration, learn
best practices for organizing in Parishes and hear analysis about the
mid-term election results for immigration policy in Washington, DC and
states. Read more&gt;&gt;


Support PICO

PICO provides a unique opportunity for people to work together across
race, religion and region to make their voices heard in the places where
decisions are made. Help us continue to put our faith into action by
making a donation to our network this holiday season. Click here


to make a tax-deductible contribution to either PICO or one of our 45
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