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Warm holiday greetings from the Community Tool Box Team.

We are proud to announce the top ten finalists for the Out of the Box 
Prize for best community innovation. 309 groups from 42 countries 
submitted their inspiring community change stories. These hundreds of 
projects reflect the abundance of good work being done to improve 
community health and well-being around the world. Out of the Box Prize 
winners will be announced February 15, 2011.

You can review the inspiring innovations of the ten finalists by 
visiting http://ctb.ku.edu/en/out_of_the_box/finalists.aspx. We also 
invite you to vote for up to three of your favorite projects to receive 
the Grand Prize of $5,000 or the Second Prize of $2,000 (plus free 
customized WorkStations.) To vote, simply go to 
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PCMD7Z8. (Voting ends on January 31, 2011.)

The Tool Box hopes to develop more interactive features and to expand 
our sharing of innovative community news in the coming year and beyond. 
To keep abreast of these community developments, and to receive email 
updates about the Out of the Box Prize, we encourage you to subscribe to 
our free eNewsletter. (If hyperlink does not appear, please go directly 
Of course, we deeply value your privacy and will not sell or otherwise 
distribute your contact information.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season,

the Community Tool Box Team

More about the Community Tool Box :

Many of you are already familiar with the Community Tool Box, which has 
been creating and disseminating free, practical guidance about community 
health and development online since 1995. For those of you who have not 
viewed our site recently, we invite you to visit us at http://ctb.ku.edu 
; where you will find over 300 how-to-do-it instructional modules, with 
over 7000 pages of support materials.

Christina Holt, MA | Associate Director for Community Tool Box Services

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