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  From: Steven Clift <slc at publicus.net>

I put together a major three part blog piece on recent "neighbors
online" happenings here:


There is also a follow-up post by our volunteer Sara Bergen on the use
of her neighborhood forum by a sexual assault victim and her call to
the community: http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/1061

On related note, the "Locals Online" community exchanges notes
here: http://e-democracy.org/locals

The key section in the newest post includes links to all of the
research "awesomeness" out of London:


UK Neighbourhoods Online Study

... my intro ...

Their materials are extensive and so important that I am going to list
them all here:

* Research Summary (4 pages)
* Introduction, background and extended summary
* Research Report, Section 1: Social Capital and Cohesion
* Research Report, Section 2: Supportive & negative behaviour in
local online spaces
* Research Report, Section 3: Empowerment, civic involvement and
* Research Report, Section 4: Relations with Councils
* Research Report, Section 5: The future for Citizen-run
Neighbourhood Websites
* Typology of Citizen-run Neighbourhood websites
* Council Survey Report
* The Research Context
* Guide for Councils: Video interview resources
* Guest paper: Broadcast media

For more context:

* Neighbourhoods blog of Kevin Harris -Report co-leader – Note his
post on inclusion related to recent research of Keith Hampton a
leading neighborhoods online researcher (we need more researchers to
dig into this awesome field)
* Hugh Flouch – Report co-leader on Twitter, also Networked
Neighbourhoods on Twitter
* David Wilcox – Blog post and video about report and launch event
* Catherine Howe – Blog summary of launch event
* Ingrid Kohler – Comments on report
* Damian Radcliffe – Presentation with 139 slides on hyper-local
with strong neighbourhood analysis!
* “Networked Neighbourhoods” presentations on SlideShare.net
* London Councils – Networked Neighbourhoods Page (project funders
I think, hence the focus on why this matters to local government)
* Guardian Blog Post on report launch

For links, see: http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/10

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