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As you read this, homeowners and community leaders from 12 states are
making their way to Des Moines, Iowa to meet with the Attorney General
Tom Miller, the leader in the nationwide investigation into big banks'
fraudulent foreclosure practices.

Tell Attorney General Miller and your state's AG to hold the big banks
accountable for mortgage fraud


So far, big banks like Bank of America and Chase have traveled to Iowa
multiple times to advance their side of the story with Mr. Miller and
his team. Tomorrow's meeting is the first time that an organized group
of homeowners will provide Mr. Miller with first-hand experience of the
banks' fraudulent practices and urge him to stand up for everyday

They will bring stories of the pain and suffering that big banks have
inflicted on their families and communities, and press for a strong
settlement that will force banks to stop flooding the market with
foreclosures that drive down housing values for everyone.

Afterwards, they will take these stories directly to the big banks,
condemning the oversized bonuses they are handing out to top executives
while they continue to foreclose on millions of Americans. Homeowner
groups in California and New York will be holding similar protests and
vigils this week.

Sign on to our letter to Attorney General Miller and your state AG


telling them that it's about time to hold these big banks accountable
and push the reset button on the housing market.

We will be sure to share with you the results of our meeting.


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